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             This story I read from the net. Its about a shop owner who sold chicken. He was a very successful man. So his chicken were sold almost by afternoon. One day, the lady, who was literally his neighbour came to buy chicken and only one was left in his shop. She asked for  chicken and he weighed the one he had and it was nearly 2 kgs. So she said, she’d like to have a chicken which was more than 2 kgs. So he put the chicken back and took it out again and weighed it and it weighed more than 2 kgs. So she asked to dress and pack the two chickens. Just imagine the situation of the shop keeper.             Lie is one thing which comes in different colours and white lie is very famous. As per human culture, we are allowed to say white lie. But whatever the colour, lie would always be a lie, don’t you think? How about truth,  which is colourless, most of the time and also its consequences too but it really brings peace of mind.             Life has its ups and downs but if you thin