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Happy New Year...........

If You Are Confident In What You Do Then Just Go Ahead And Do It. Never Expect Anybody To Back You. When Your Own Self Isn’t Reliable, Then How Come Others Would Be? Its Not Their Fault Or Yours. Tis The Nature’s Way To Make You Self Sufficient. Self Oriented, Matured and above all A Strength of Faith Towards the Unseen Powerful God There Is No Worst Obstacle Than Your Own Mind. So Brave Your Mind and Your Heart, to Follow your Dream. May God Bless You. Wishing You All A Love Filled New Year                                                 Meena

Childrens Day Speech

Today’s children are tomorrow’s responsible citizens of the country Good Morning everyone. I am going to give a speech on Children’s day. In India Children’s day is celebrated on November 14 to commemorate the birth anniversary of India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru worked for the welfare of children and youngsters. He was fond of children and was called “Chacha Nehru”. Children’s Day is not just a day to let the children have fun. It is a day to remember a leader who, laid the foundation to convert a sleepy nation into a world power. On Children’s Day tribute is paid to all children in the world. Children are loved by one and all. So I request, we children should decide to imbibe the values of discipline, silence, sense of order, cleanliness, beauty and other such values to become a good person in the society on this day. Wishing you all a Happy Children’s day, I conclude. Thank you Meena

A Vote of Thanks during Christmas Celebration

Hark how the bells Sweet silver bells All seem to say Throw cares away That’s what Christmas is all about. Honorable Chief Guest, Respected Reverend Manager, Loving Principal, Reverend Fathers, Loving Parents, teachers  and my dear friends. As the curtain falls on a very special celebration, I am bestowed with the  privilege of thanking you all for your esteemed presence. Celebration without people is like a night sky without stars. I on behalf of ________School would like to thank our chief guest ____________ for having graced this occasion to celebrate with the tiny tots of _____School, the very first Kindergarten Christmas. Thank you Sir/Fr. Our manager has always extended his incessant support in all our activities and it is always a pleasure to have your presence Fr. So it is with a privileged heart, I thank you for your presence and your unfailing support, Thank you Fr. If it weren’t for our loving principal we wouldn’t have had our own Little Christmas, g

Happy Diwali

    Hey guys!!! Happy Diwali!!! Its simply awesome to know that I am still in the middle of fire crackers and sweets. The whole place is filled with gaiety and glitter. The expression on the faces of both young and old is simply touching. All have a small smile lingering when they see the sparkler light or the rockets flying over rooftops, but the nostalgia of it all stays for the days that follow. I have had several Diwalis in my life. And I always think, why waste money on burning crackers, when there are hoards of people out there in the street who are looking at the same rockets but not enjoying the spectacle as their stomachs are crackling more louder than any crackers. The tears that flow when hunger calls is heart rending than any other tears.           It was during one of my Diwali celebration that I met Mayur, a six year old rag picker, with his two street friends Radha and Sohail both near and above his age, all washed and scrubbed clean. They were going around hous


Tears - The flood gate of the heart is the most heartrending master piece of God. Tears – The undoing of oneself as well as others Tears – The Best expression of sadness as well as happiness. When we win, we cry. When we lose we cry When born, we cry When we die, others cry Wow!!!! That’s a lot of emotion in one Expression. But Why Tears? ??????? G aaaa wwwwddd its so messy!!! Handkerchiefs, nose blowing, bleary eyed, hiccups....... Its because we are earthlings, we live like human beings. Hii Hi Hi!!!! Sorry, don’t misunderstand, as per scientists, we are the much more advanced stage of apes, a cloistered existence. We are happy, when we get something and sad, when we lose. And in a day, how much losing and winning, hurts and comforts, pleasure and pressure takes place, God only knows. Is it worth it to go through all these on a daily basis? Don’t you think, that we really are in a mixer being churned and churned with all these experiences, life long? Come on g

Lost & Found

It was as usual, a sunny day and it was going to set, well naturally in the West. But my destiny had just risen in the East – a changed destiny. I was not in a situation where I could boast of anything because I was literally thrown out of my own home and along with it, I had nothing to say, as my own or a person to lean on. It was a moment where only a big chasm was in front. I was literally dead inside. I had no thought of my own. I went to the chapel, where I usually go every morning – the adoration convent, to say bye to my best friend, don’t think it’s a nun. Or anybody in person, it was Jesus. You might want to know, what I spoke then, well its easy to comprehend, I only asked Him, “After all these years of friendship, how did it end like this?”  You know what the reply would be (smile) “No comments”. Before getting up, I squeezed my eyes shut, don’t think I was crying, no I hadn’t any tears (generally a dead person don’t have tears), I made a last request, “Please God, don’

My Family

“The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” Says  Confucius, the Chinese philosopher. Honorable Judges, respected teachers and my dear friends. I’m here before you to speak about “My Family” .  Grandpa,/ Granny, /papa, /amma, two sisters,/ a brother/ and myself is my family./ Grandpa a….lways plays with us children./ He has always time for me,/ answers all my questions./ Where as granny,/ smilingly sits beside grandpa peeling onions or cutting vegetables./ My dad  and my mom goes for job in the morning/ and returns by evening./   My mother prepares yummy foods no matter how tired she might be /and helps me in my studies./ She gives me bath / washes my clothes/ and puts me in bed along with my siblings./ Though my father is firm,/ he is a loving man./ he has never punished me./ He always ensures, that I do not misuse my things. / He instilled in me to be honest./ My sisters are elder and my brother is younger to me. In short my family is a b

My Best Day

  Today I was thinking, which is my best day of my life. So I started evaluating, what should be my criteria for selecting that special day. Good food? Or Loved ones around? or feeling loved and cherished?   The day, when my wishes were granted? Well I hadn’t a clue on that, but still I thought I’ll just evaluate all the above criteria. I feel, food is a necessity and not a luxury. To be able to eat all sorts of food is a blessing and to have food three times a day is a great blessing and to have tasty food at that is even more great a blessing. I have been with people of different religion, caste, creed, state and nationality my entire life. And all have given me more respect and love than bargained. That doesn’t mean, that I haven’t had my share of humiliations and hatred. I have had more than enough. I just let it pass by, no hard feelings. It’s the attitude one generates around others is what matters in the end.              My wishes are to hear the birds sing, to eat tasty foo

Love Thy Neighbour As Thy Self

We can't do great things in this life . . .   We can only do small things with great love.   -- Mother Theresa One day a man was walk­ing along the beach when he noticed a boy pick­ing some­thing up and gen­tly throw­ing it into the ocean. Approach­ing the boy, he asked, “What are you doing son?” The boy replied, “Throw­ing starfish back into the ocean.   The waves are up and the tide is going out.  If I don’t throw them back, they’ll die.” “Son,” the man said, “don’t you real­ize there are miles and miles of beach and hun­dreds of starfish?   You can’t make a difference!” After lis­ten­ing politely, the boy bent down, picked up another starfish, and threw it back into the waves.  Then, smil­ing at the man, he said…” I made a dif­fer­ence for that one.” Each action has its importance, In this story, the boy was trying to save the starfish. No one is going to give him any awards for saving the star fishes and the star fishes are not going to thank him either, for saving t

Thinking Of You

                I have heard, thoughts travel fast and it is the most best means to communicate too. But last day, I had the weirdest experiences which made me think, “How come?” I was thinking of my friend who was states away from me. It had been months, since I contacted her. So I thought, I’ll make a call. I called and the very first thing, she said was, “Miss, I had been really wishing, that you called and for the past two days, she was doing just that. (You might think, why didn’t she call. She didn't have my number). Then I knew that what the sages said is true. Thoughts really can communicate because the  two days, she had told, was indeed bogged with thoughts of the said friend and making my heart mushy and making me feel to call her, but several reasons cropped up to postpone the act. But in the end, I called and the feeling stopped. “Why is it so?” Well, the explanation is thus, “Thoughts too are made of atoms. Just like electricity, these atoms, when sent out to nature


             This story I read from the net. Its about a shop owner who sold chicken. He was a very successful man. So his chicken were sold almost by afternoon. One day, the lady, who was literally his neighbour came to buy chicken and only one was left in his shop. She asked for  chicken and he weighed the one he had and it was nearly 2 kgs. So she said, she’d like to have a chicken which was more than 2 kgs. So he put the chicken back and took it out again and weighed it and it weighed more than 2 kgs. So she asked to dress and pack the two chickens. Just imagine the situation of the shop keeper.             Lie is one thing which comes in different colours and white lie is very famous. As per human culture, we are allowed to say white lie. But whatever the colour, lie would always be a lie, don’t you think? How about truth,  which is colourless, most of the time and also its consequences too but it really brings peace of mind.             Life has its ups and downs but if you thin

Sister Act

          Yesterday I watched the movie, Sister Act. I do not know, how many times, I have watched this movie. But it has really moulded my life a lot. The main character, Sister Mary Clarence, who has a past, is running away from it and gets into the most sanctified of places, where she feels suffocated. But eventually her life changes or lets say, she gets transformed. She is involved in what she likes best, singing. The funny part is the mother superior, who couldn’t tolerate Sr. Mary Clarence gave her duty to sing as punishment. But that became a blessing for both the sisters. She not only bloomed but helped the other sisters who got stagnant in their call to serve God renew their love for God and brought the people around to know God. In the process Sr. Mary Clarence was relieved from her past.           That is life, a maze and the people, the pointers. Some help us to lead to our destination very quickly. Those people are the people who hurt us more. We should be thankful to

Frail Hope

          I had not known the value of hope until I lost it. It was not that bad. I had lost the sense to feel. I was normal outwardly. No tears, just smile, in short I was an automaton. I had nothing to lose or gain just a dead person inside. It was at that time I happened to stay with a group of nursing students. Seeing their work schedule and their daily routine, there was nothing. Their life was just like mine, a robotic life, work, sleep and eat, but they had one more thing, which I hadn’t, lots of expectations and hope. Its good, they have just stepped into life. Its just a beginning for them. If ever they talk, it was about their patients, their diseases, the doctors, the other staff, the complaints, the gossip.           In all these talk, there was one thing in common on a daily basis. Most of the patients didn’t want to live. 90% were poison cases. They consume all the weird poisons, I have ever heard, one consumed Neurobion, its actually a B complex tablet, another, toil

A Hospital Without Medication

            I go to this place every year to have my system checked up – A Thorough Check Up. It was not a 'one fine day morning decision', It has now become a yearly tryst. “As you all have heard about the saying “Precaution is Better Than Cure.” I make sure, that I do my thorough check and do the necessary rectification, before my system shuts down wholly. You might be thinking about which  place and which system.             The place is a Retreat centre, and the system, my soul. Now you might be thinking, why all these junky talk. Anyway do hear me first. So, this year, as usual, my spiritual clock went off when my last year’s spiritual energy started dwindling, I really started getting so much screwed up and a feeling of loneliness and depression started to creep in,  I knew  then , “Meena, it's time to look around for a place to recharge your energy. But there was a problem, I didn’t know any place where I could literally leave my Self into the hands of God. So as usu

Dog, Friend of Man?

            I had a picture of Delhi before I arrived, its usually, the best view, which they project in news channels and news papers – A clean Delhi, usually it would be the Red Fort and its road, where not a strand of hair lies on roads and coming from the airport too, I didn’t have a clue, what was awaiting me, then it started trickling bit by bit, garbage, here and garbage there, then the dogs – stray dogs. I was shocked to see it, as Delhi is famous for Animal Welfare Societies who treats the animals with much care and voicing all sort of legal issues in papers, that I was struck with the pathetic situation of the dogs here. Since it was dark, I didn’t have much option of going to look for it, but to settle for the night. Dogs are the best friend of Man. That I cannot deny but when the dog overgrows from friend to a burden, then what would be the situation of the dog? Well it has to roam about the streets, naturally and ultimately be a stray dog. These stary dogs don’t abstain fr


Yesterday I attended a mass service of the seventh day of demise of a nun. I had no personal contact with the nun, but my invitation rose from the friendly neighbour relationship. So when the bishop who was presiding the mass, highlighted the nun’s personality, I was awed by the different facets he touched about the nun. And he concluded with a phrase which really moved me. She is a person who smiles even when her heart is breaking and I was awed by this comment from a bishop, so how much hardships she might have gone through, to bring such a comment? Life is too full of problems, big, small, fat, thin, long, short, goes the criteria of problems. Human being has an inbuilt mechanism to solve problems. But the way he utilises is the problem. There are two ways to solve it. One, by running away from it and the other by facing it. Whether facing or running, there are different routes, people utilize it. I had a friend, a farmer, who had a small financial problem. He took a loan from his f