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Beauty Tips

Today I accidentally saw an advertisement of a big gathering of the great beautifying people. The advertisement was like this, "For everyone wanting to meet the stars of the hair and beauty sector, the mega event of the year." You know, when I read this, I knew, there would be an interest in every heart. But why do we have so much flutter when we hear about beauty? Simple, we feel that we would be accepted only if we have beauty. But in fact, I would like to ask one question. What is your criteria about selecting your friends? Or I will rephrase the question. How many friends do you have who are really beautiful? The answer would be either two, one or none. What does that mean. We are simply wasting our time, making ourselves beautiful. We all look for a person who is kind, smiling, easy to talk to, etc...etc... isn't it? So my advice is be beautiful at heart. Then you would be more popular than the most beautiful world in the Universe. Did I exaggerate? No, not at