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You Needn't Pray

Today, during our family prayer, we have this Bible reading session too. So today, it was my turn to read. I got the part where St. Peter heals a lame man outside the temple. And this man had never gone until then inside that temple. It's really weird, isn't it? Because, we all go to the temple or any place of worship to fulfill our needs and the real gift is distributed outside it. When Jesus was alive, He too did the same. Why is it like that? Have you wondered? Well, I became aware of it today. There is a reason. People, who believe that they have not done any wrong in their eyes and in the eyes of the Lord are the people, who go to pray inside a place of worship and they are sure, they are entitled for a sack full of gifts. But for the people outside the place of worship knows for sure, that they are not eligible to be in the vicinity of the Divine and that is why, they stay out. But there lies the truth, no man is perfect. We all make several mistakes a day wit

A Great Fight

I do not know, whether I should say this. But still I would like your comments on this. When we have a big fight, what is the protocol after it? Do you go and say sorry or weep your heart out or be angry with the opposite party? Well I didn't do any of the above. I do not know, how a fight ensues, but it happened and I too became a party - the center piece. Since age and experience was a plus points to my side, I tried not to bring anger after the biiiiiiiiiiig fight. There is one thing you should know, a clap could be heard only if we join two hands. A single hand cannot make a noise. So I put my mind in a blank state against the words and slanderings and decided to evaluate the reason for starting a fight. As I evaluated, I felt, I could have let a small issue pass by without getting hyped. But there are some things, which cannot be overlooked because it has been overlooked just for the cause of avoiding fights. But if we continue in that state, the other person would n

Any other Gods?

The next best thing I learned from my friend is, never expect anything from human beings. Its not their fault, they are imperfect in the physical sense, which naturally transmits through their thoughts, words and actions. But the eventual heart break is very drastic. If you want to avoid the last part - the heartbreak part. Then you should abstain from attachment. When we are attached to something or someone, we expect a lot from them or from it. And that creates heart break and we are not here to waste time breaking our hearts. Breaking, joining and healing is along process. Sometimes it takes a lifetime. The owner of the monument Taj Mahal in Agra was so obsessed with his wife, that he was a living dead after her death. And he was like that until his death. I know you would say,it is sad. But I was thinking about his obsession that he forgot to live. There are some people who would get mental imbalance or sometimes commit suicide because of his obsession. This is a very v

Fraility thy name is woman?

Frailty, thy name is woman. This is a quote by Wiliam Shakespeare in his famous play, Hamlet. But is woman really frail? I have really been awed by the inner strength of a woman. We will just take a small tour into a day of a working mother. Let me give a name to this mother.  She is Raziya. She is a doctor. She has four kids, all are spaced within a year. The eldest one is in first class, the second is twins, in kindergarten, the youngest in play school. Her husband too a doctor in another hospital, who has to go early and takes lunch with him. Raziya wakes up at 4, prepares lunch for five. All have diferent tastes and capacity. So three different lunch is ready. Breakfast, two types. By 6.30, she starts calling her children, to get ready, as they have a long ritual of brushing, nature's call, taking bath, breakfast, getting ready togo to school for four kids. . At that time the younger siblings are all around the kitchen, bickering and sniffling. Her husband arrives for h