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What Are The Consequence of Your Choices And How Will You Face it?

In the Bible, the first mistake was the mistake of Adam. When Adam made his first mistake. His consequence continued for all mankind and is still continuing.  So what happens when you make a mistake? You would be blocked out from light. The light which is your lifeline, that gives love, peace, happiness, abundance and all the good things you imagine. You will be in darkness where hatred, anger, hurt, unforgiving and all the bad unimaginable lives. That will all be filled inside you. And we all think, God gave this situation, you cannot do anything about it. But in reality, you can. That's why Jesus had to come and die on the cross. When Jesus, died on the cross, everyone thought, it was unfair. But in reality it was actually a study tour of facing the consequence. We blamed Judas, the pharisees and the people, for crucifying Jesus. But in reality, they did not do it purposefully, they were all part of helping clear the consequence of one single mistake, Adam made.  Imagine!!! If th