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Why Do You Get Angry?

From personal experience, one thing I know is, after every anger burst, I have regretted it. So let's check, what triggers anger?  Unhealed hurt, triggers anger. What does that mean? Let me tell you a story Anil John is a government official. He makes sure, no work stays pending on his table. One day, he saw an old lady coming up with difficulty. He immediately helped her and asked, "How can I help you?" The old lady gave her papers and he found that it was in another department. He took her to the concerned department. Unfortunately, his colleague had closed shop 10 minutes before lunch. Anil humbly asked his colleague to help the old lady. But his colleague just laughed off and made a joke of it. The old lady, turned to Anil and spoke, "Son. don't worry, I will wait downstairs, until this officer returns." Anil couldn't control his anger, he caught hold of his colleague's collar and squeezed him. Colleague, immediately extricated himself and reques

Don’t Insult God

Basically my upbringing was of a spiritual trend than the normal live and jive. Don't think it was purposely done. When a lady is given a convent education, then prayer is a part and parcel of the education, along with all the disciplinary life style. Waking up at 5.30 in the morning and go to church for the mass at 6 was not a very happy ritual then. But rules are always rules, when you are living under their supervision. I have always thought, why prayer. It was so boring. I literally slept through mass, my whole of my growing stage till high school, after that I became seniors, which would not be a good practice. For the outside world, we go to church, pray morning, afternoon, evening. So we should naturally be God's pet. But is it true, that by always praying and going to church or temple or mosque can get you into the good books of God? Well, I can surely say, No. My son, he is averse to long prayers. But his grandma has a long list of prayer, which would natural