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The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - The Past

After the sumptuous meal all followed Noah to the extensive library which was triple storied and completely filled with leather bound first edition books which for Naomi and Robert was simply baffling. How can one place hold all these first and rare editions? They didn't voice it loudly. Noah just smiled seeing their repressed curiosity. Noah directed them to the small table where there were several comfortable chairs around it. They all sat in a circle where everyone could see each other easily and looked at Noah expectantly. Noah cleared his throat and began. This story is many centuries old. To be exact the 12th century. Robert and Naomi were husband and wife and you were exactly the king and queen of this land and Eline and Ram were your children. "You got to be joking Noah. Do you really believe in all these crap in this time and age?" Noah smiled and continued, "I know Naomi, its a bit difficult to digest, but you will know when I retell the whole stor

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - Waiting

"Naomi, is that you??" "Robert, its unbelievable, Wow, you look so hot." "And you look the perfect chic any man will dream of having. Any idea what is going on here?" "Whatever it is, only Noah can explain, I hope the kids would recognize us." "Well, we better check that out." As they were descending the stairs, they saw the kids, Eline and Ram, quite big standing and talking to Noah. "You got to be kidding me, Naomi blurted out loud and everyone turned to them smiling. Eline was breathtakingly beautiful and Ram was a real looker. Both Robert and Naomi stood there standstill. They didn't know how to undo all these. But they need to do it at the earliest because Eline and Ram has to be returned back to their parents. Noah came smilingly forward and spoke, "Naomi, do not look tensed and do not overthink of what next. The solution is already there. All these are happening for a purpose. I hope the purpose is ri

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - The Makeover

Robert was led to a very big spacious masculine room facing  a big lake, in the middle of an orchard where the swans were gliding peacefully on it and birds of several plumes were flitting in and around the orchard. Seeing the riot of colours from his room was a sight to behold. "This is a really great place to live for a family." He shook his head with a smile and turned to find Stuart still waiting there. Robert surprisingly smiled, "Oh Stuart, this place is really great, I thought you had left. What's the matter?? Its nothing sir, Noah had asked me to check your bump on the head before you freshen up. Can I just take a look? I am a medicine man like my forefathers. Robert smiled and sat on a comfortable leather bound stool near the window. Stuart removed the plaster on Robert's forehead and looked at it closely, the gash was dry. "Lucky you got a wound instead of only a bump. It would heal fine. Naomi did a great job. She is one wise lady you h

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - The Decision

The boat slowed down,  Robert asked, "Naomi, what do you think, should we row forward or should we get off here? Its your boat, if we get off now, we will have no option but to abandon it here. We will try to hide it inside these bushes." Robert you are indeed a God sent angel, isn't he Ram? How would we have managed without Robert?  Ram nodded and smiled at them both. "So Robert,  as I told, you are an angel, likewise, this boat too is a gift from heaven. I hadn't even known of its existence until this morning. So I cannot say, this is my boat. If the boat goes from me, then the person who gets it needed it more than me, and I should let it go too, don't you think? Both Ram and Robert stared at Naomi, but Naomi continued,  We have a big problem now, how do we get back to our places? To be frank, I have several unanswered questions, I don't know whether you could be of help Robert, but do you know the reason for this flash flood?" Robert shook

Easiest Route to Face Life

"Rafael,  what's the easiest route to face life?" "Be simple." "That simple?" All smiled. "Yes, that simple,  when you were small what was your worry? " "Thinking of it now, there eas nothing, when angry, happy, hurt, whatever emotions we had eas shown then and there, not even bothering to think of its consequences. But now, its so complicated, that I'm not sure whether to do it or not do it, or say it or not say it. I'll have to plan each and every thing of my life. Its really tiring, Rafael.' "Always on the tight rope?" "Exactly. " "Not knowing where the next step would end?" "Yes absolutely right. But that is so boring, one after the other. Life should be really enjoyedisn't it Rafael? " "Yes,  it is. But not in the sense like party, booze and all that sorts. It would lead to more inner emptiness leading to hopelessness." "Never think, that thi

Crucifixion is not on the Cross, But In Your Life, Check it Out

"But Rafael, even though Jesus sweat blood, he had to die on the cross, then we too have to go through that, isn't it? the consequences of forgiveness, loving and caring?" "Love is an unconditional and sometimes non rewarding too and mostly it would really hurt, I remember a mother, who loved his son so much, that she used to fulfill every whim and fancy of his and along with it, she tried to give him a very education, but since she was a government employee, she used to get transfer now and then. So she decided to put her son in the boarding. But the son was very very angry. When the mother became old, he harassed her, saying, you were not there to love me, so why should I love you. Until, the son, started earning on his own, it was the mother, who spent money for his expensive day to day activities, but now, the mother has to work in her own house as servant to earn her keep. So where is love here?" "Ohhh its so sad." "That is what we say

Never Betray Your friends

"Rafael,  today something special happened." "What is it Monica? " "My parents bought me several new dresses. Do you know, ita been two years since I have got a new dress." "Why, didn't they have any money?" "No guys, I had a veey heart breaking experience two years back. Two new students came to my class. They were from different homes, their names were Leela and Laila. They were not normal students, they learned and during their free time, they helped in the kitchen and did all odd jobs  of the convent." "So they were always there. In our school we have to wear colour dress on Friday.  We always loved that day." All nodded and smiled. "So usually in the girls circle  we notice one another's dress. The first friday all went well, everyone wore stylish dresses, Leela and Laila wore according to their capacity.  The next Friday, all wore another set of dresses." "Naturally." All nodded

Enjoy Your Small Life

Chapter - 25 “Alfonso recited, how the Talisman got disappeared when he wore it, how his ship sunk and the gold scattered all over the ocean floor, how he heard a fish speak and how they spoke with thoughts and how he met the princess and the conditions, until he reached the old woman to meet the hermit, who visited the old lady only once a year and gifted a stone to the old lady for many years, which the lady started using to build a small temple in her prayer room, but the speciality of the temple is, these stones didn’t need cement, it is been erected simply by stones, which was gifted by the hermit, who brought only one stone at a time, exactly on the day Alfonso and his team went to meet the hermit, the temple got fulfilled by placing the last stone and a power emanated from the temple, which the hermit requested to wish for one thing and I wished for your complete cure and revive your energy and bring back your youthfulness, sir.” “Thank you Alfonso, I do not k

Just Shut Up!!!!!!!

Chapter - 23 All took seats for breakfast. Then he placed the Amulet on the table." Isabella's eyes widened. "Father, where did you get the Amulet?" "In my bandage." "Your bandage? but, how did it arrive there, I had given it to Alfonso." Dr. Martin's face grimaced. “Father, sorry, I didn’t get your permission, but I felt, Alfonso needed it, more than me.” “Don’t worry my child, you did the right thing or else, I would not have walked.” All nodded. “But father, how did it return here?” “It has served the purpose of protecting. If I am not wrong. he might actually be right on our door step.” “Really!!!!!!!!!!!” “Hmmmm.” At that time there was a knock on the door and Sanjo ran to the door and indeed Alfonso and the rest of the crew was there safe and sound.” “Oh Captain!!!!!!!!!! we were just speaking about you. But you were quick in returning. Did you kno

Waiting with Love....

Chapter - 20  “The old lady’s face broke into a big smile.” “What was so special about the gift Rafael?” “Well, every time when the hermit arrives, he brings something unique, which satisfies her need, that brings the old lady lasting happiness, inner peace and above all contentment.” “Rafael, what is it, you are really trying our patience.” “Well, that is what he brought, patience.” “Rafael, are you joking? How can we bring patience?” Rafael smiled and nodded. “Yes Ajay, he had brought patience and that too which could be seen and felt.” “But how is that possible?” “Patience is one big thing, which is very important in every living being’s life.” “A mother has to wait, till her baby is out of the womb. A bird has to wait to hatch its chick. A child has to wait to grow, sun takes time to rise and set, the flower takes time to bloom, season has a time to arrive, trees takes time to bear fruits. And we have to wait to see the results and for

The Lifeline

Chapter - 11 “Rafael,  what was inside the bag ?” “It was Alfonso's coin bag, which he had placed on the clinic table and with it a small pouch.” “A small pouch? what was inside it Rafael?” “An Amulet.” “Amulet? What does that mean?” “It’s an object to ward off evil. Here it was a medal on a gold chain, there was a message along with it, “I have a feeling, that you would need it very badly than me, the very moment you see this, wear it, don’t delay. It’s a prayer medallion, Pleaaaaaaaase.” “Wow!!! but do you believe in all these amulets  Rafael, is it true, that it would ward off evil?” “First and foremost, be known that all things are made of atoms and atoms are invisible vibrations. It is formed by the power of your thought and when you think good and when you with the power of your thought pass on the love which comes from the inner soul to the person who wears this medallion, or any things around you, it would natural become an a

The Purse

Chapter - 2 “Rafael, what did Alfonso see?” “He saw a dismembered body of a man, with full consciousness.” “You mean, the legs and hands cut off?” “Exactly” “Oooo….h my God. But Rafael, why should Alfonso be shocked at seeing this sight? He usually kills people?” “Well, Alfonso never killed people, Monica. He would never harm anyone in the process of looting. He usually locks them in a room and takes off their valuables but if there is surplus food and water, they would take some and. they never attacked cruise ships. They targeted only cargo ships.” “That’s a relief.” All nodded. “Then what happened?” “He immediately called the other crew members and they all arrived quickly. Sanjo lighted his torch and lighted all the lamps. Since these people knew, the basic first aid, they immediately got to work, first placing the sick man in a safe and comfortable place, as he had to wait till the current situation is rectified.” All nodded “Ra