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Save 10 and Make 100? Forget it!!!!

Hey Guys!!!! I hope you are enjoying life. Well, I am. What is your criteria of enjoying life? To have more money than you can spend? or To have good Health? or To visit places? or To be Happy always? What is happiness? Oh!!! its complicated to answer this because its a mix of all for some, but for others, it would be specifically some things which, one do not have. It is natural. I am writing this because, I would like to see everyone happy all the time in their life.  What is Life's happiness? Its not very easy to define life's happiness. But I can simplify it by an Egg Omelette . The Preparation :- Break an egg into a bowl.  Whisk it Add salt & whisk again Pour it on a hot frying pan greased with oil  Sprinkle some pepper powder when half cooked Cook it until done And the end result - a perfect Omelette. If you love omelette, then it will be a beauty to the eyes, flavour to the nose, perfect taste to your tongue and softnes