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Who Are You?

I am living in a place where history is everywhere, in the buildings, the trees, the seas, the backwaters, etc... You know history is made by the people, the people who lived here, live here. That means, you and I are making history for the future generation. The past generations had given us something to say about, the buildings, the trees, the trades, the ......., etc...etc.... Now if we fast forward it to a hundred years ahead, what might have we given to the future generation? I hope you understand what I mean, we are making changes everywhere advancing everything, which are now backfiring against us. Do you know why this happens? It is simple, we are proud of our knowledge, education and our capability. You know, that is a big blunder we are doing. There was a time when the people had not had all this know how, but still they built the pyramids, the great china wall, the greatest cave paintings, the greatest drainage systems, water systems, townships, which we are curren

Celebrations - A Necessity?

I have always thought, why do we need celebration. Is it very important? Do we have to go, when we are invited? etc…etc.. And the old would say, “Celebrations are Important. You should be there.” And the people who have loads of things to boast of are happy to be the centre point of celebration. But for me, I really feel like an alien. But that ends till the corridor of the celebration, after that, I am into the celebration mood. That’s weird right? The reason is simple. When a drop of water comes near a glass of water, it automatically gets attracted to the glass of water, joining that single drop into that big water world. Just like that, we are a drop of soul and when we come closer to the soul ocean, the celebration rush, we get united with the ocean and we get attracted to similar souls, which have our own ambitions, thoughts, attitudes, etc. and we open up to them and they openly share their experiences and then a bonding takes place. We feel very peaceful, happy and relieved

Either have the courage or Show the courage

Whenever I think of Mother Mary. I feel awed. Its not because she is mother of Jesus. Its because she had the courage to say "Yes" when God requested her permission to be the mother of Jesus. We all know that our daily life has lots and loads of problems. That is man made problems. Now, when we read the Bible and in the old testament, we all know, how, the people who was selected by God had to suffer. It was not a bed of roses for these people. So knowing all these, Mary with open eyes consented to accept God's proposition. That is what I would say courage. Do you have that courage? I don't think, I have it. But I take a courageous stand, though I would be trembling inside. So it doesn't make any difference. So, Either have the courage or Show the courage. Life is for the strong hearted. See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye Meena

Don't Be An Ass

Patience is one thing, which every person needs, but for parents, the most. Not because the children are naughty. They are the cutest things in our life, but they are not the only cutest things, do remember. Every parent has lots of other cute factors, which can really put us in boiling point on a daily basis. But unfortunately it bursts in front of the child, because, they unsuspectingly fall cutely in front of us, unchaining the devil within us. And not only that, the child becomes the Judas of the day and eventually, makes him for the rest of his life. Oh!! you didn't get it? Its simple, we always blame the child for the said outburst, but in real, the child was just a scape goat. There is no use blaming your kid. They are here and they face their own problems. But is it fare to add our problems, to them with all the fan fare? You can share your problems with your children, but don't burst on them and slander them with blame. Usually the outburst happens, when

The Dragon Warrior

Yesterday, I happened to watch the movie Kungfu Panda. There are three things that touched me. The first one, which really awed me was the selection of the dragon warrior. And the person selected was a Panda who had no knowledge of the basics of kungfu whose main focus was eating. But still he was selected, why? Is it really possible? The answer is always an emphatic Yes. That is what we should know. In the real world, we all are born with lots of drawbacks, that is natural, but there is a gem within us, which has been camouflaged by our flaws. We always are focusing on our flaws, which makes us the imperfect beings. But we get to unwrap the gem through circumstances which we face on a daily basis. Years back, if someone had told me, Meena, you would have your own blog and you would write several books. I would reply, without an iota of doubt, "In another life, not this one." Really I did not like to write because, I was not good at writing. but circumstances, made me to

What is the speciality of Islam?

Don't think I have left out the religion of Muslims. Do you know the specialty of this religion? It has no idols. Do you know, in christians, the first commandment God gave to Moses is somewhat in that line. Which means, that it is a very important, factor on the facet of findng God. Now the question is, which idol does it signifies, do you know? God didn't mean the idols we make with clay and keep it in chirches or temples. Its the idols we keep it in our heart, that God hates. If I was your lover and if you think of someone else instead of me, be known, you are out of my heart and my life the very next moment. I know it would be the same for you too. Now we have several obsessions, like be coming rich, famous, having a car or whatever, these idols are what we should forefeit, that's what Muslims highlight through their religion, that we all should incorporate in keeping our relatiomship intact with God. I hope you understood what I am meaning. All religioms are

The beauty of Taking Risks

Today, I watched a channel, which I usually keep for the intellects - Geographic Channel. I know you'd say, Oooh! But what to do, (shrug) O. K. Don't you want to know, what I saw? Well along with snake bite and the like I saw an incredible act of bravery, yeah, I know, all that shown in this channel are incredible things, but this one really touched me. It was the landing of a plane, with no wheels. The wheels did not come out. Just imagine, the fear, the pilot might have had and what all thoughts might have had passed through him. Usually, without the wheels, the chances of survival of the flight is next to nil, as it drags on the tarmac, the sparks coming out can ignite the fuel tank. The pilot knows it, but still, he took the risk of landing the flight on the designated airstrip without wheels, with more than 200 passengers, we all watched with bated breath, the plane  scraped the  tarmac, the smoke came and covered the whole plane and the vehicle stopped with no casual