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Life when old

Dear Guys!!! I have had people blaming the children those who have put their parents in oldage, when they become old, but have you wondered what leads to it? Just a preview of an eye opening conversation. When old meets old, they prefer to talk about children and grand children. How they are treated? How do they feel about it. Yesterday, I happened to hear one, quite accidentally. Grandma 1 : "My children, my grand children all love me so...... much that I feel really loved, and cherished and pampered." Grandma 2 : "I have children and grandchildren, but nobody loves me, they dislikes me." When we are a child or an old person, life becomes very simple, we don't bother about etiquette or sensivity or sensibility, whatever we feel is expressed without any barriers Grandma 1 : "Why is it that everybody hates you?" Grandma 2 : "Because I point out the mistakes of my kids and my grandkids or whoever I meet makes. So they are alway