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How To Quit Smoking

Hey Guys!!!! There is no safe way to use tobacco.  Its easy to explain to the smoker in detail  and show it in movies, videos, advertisements, having no smoke areas,  etc....etc.... If ever you really and heartfully want to quit smoking then this is for you guys. Believe me, its the only best way to do it.  Be a good Samaritan, go to the nearest public hospital or hospice, which has oncology specialisation (Cancer department)  spend some time (minimum one hour for 1 month)with the patients there, meet them, their family members it will help them go through their pains and discomforts of the disease. We all have our choices, these patients made their choice and they are now facing the consequence - irreversible consequences of pain and suffering. If you are a smoker and choose to see what your future would be like  - watch a live presentation of your future you can see, live and savour.  Ultimately you get a second chance to choose your lifes