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Lost & Found

It was as usual, a sunny day and it was going to set, well naturally in the West. But my destiny had just risen in the East – a changed destiny. I was not in a situation where I could boast of anything because I was literally thrown out of my own home and along with it, I had nothing to say, as my own or a person to lean on. It was a moment where only a big chasm was in front. I was literally dead inside. I had no thought of my own. I went to the chapel, where I usually go every morning – the adoration convent, to say bye to my best friend, don’t think it’s a nun. Or anybody in person, it was Jesus. You might want to know, what I spoke then, well its easy to comprehend, I only asked Him, “After all these years of friendship, how did it end like this?”  You know what the reply would be (smile) “No comments”. Before getting up, I squeezed my eyes shut, don’t think I was crying, no I hadn’t any tears (generally a dead person don’t have tears), I made a last request, “Please God, don’

My Family

“The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” Says  Confucius, the Chinese philosopher. Honorable Judges, respected teachers and my dear friends. I’m here before you to speak about “My Family” .  Grandpa,/ Granny, /papa, /amma, two sisters,/ a brother/ and myself is my family./ Grandpa a….lways plays with us children./ He has always time for me,/ answers all my questions./ Where as granny,/ smilingly sits beside grandpa peeling onions or cutting vegetables./ My dad  and my mom goes for job in the morning/ and returns by evening./   My mother prepares yummy foods no matter how tired she might be /and helps me in my studies./ She gives me bath / washes my clothes/ and puts me in bed along with my siblings./ Though my father is firm,/ he is a loving man./ he has never punished me./ He always ensures, that I do not misuse my things. / He instilled in me to be honest./ My sisters are elder and my brother is younger to me. In short my family is a b