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The Roundabout

One of my friends lost her family due to certain circumstances which could be termed, thrown out of home. They burnt her certificates and no money to survive. She became literally alone in the streets. I do not know, how she survived, but after several years, I met her and she was a changed person. I was expecting a depressed person, but to the contrary. She was at peace with herself, no hatred or no hurt. When I asked, how she became such a person? She replied to my utter surprise. “I came to this world with nothing but my body and I return with nothing, not even my body. My family helped me understand it and I would be thankful to them. Why should I cry for something, which I don’t own. Why should I run in amassing money? Why should I crave for my own home? God provides me, what I need. He knows me better than I know myself. If I need a home, He will give me. If I need a dress, he would cloth me. If I feel hungry, the food would reach me. The only thing I need to do is, keep my

Doubt Filled Life

I know its very difficult to believe in an unseen God. But there are some things which is unbelievable, and the first thing is Life. Can you answer your presence here? Or the first man on Earth? Its difficult, but still we live. New life is born, etc..etc... It is the same situation with God too. If you can believe the unbelievable, then just believe in God, who can answer all your questions in a jiffy. Do you know, I am a Number 1 doubt full person. Questions here questions there. And I hadn't any answer. But I blindly believed in God. Just like a dog blindly believing in its master. It was a lifetime belief. I finished school, college, but no answer came my way and I was always made fool by others because, religion can make us dumb, one way or another. I didn't mind because God is above religion. But that doesn't mean that religion is bad. No, its a means to help us reach our goal. Just remember, religion is made for us and its not the other way. O.K back to

Have Faith and Forgive

So now you know, prayer can help you clear your bad destiny, with just one single condition, by forgiving those who hurt us. If we are able to forgive, then you are not only clearing your bad destiny, but also we can request not to be put into a situation, where we have a chance to make a mistake and to save us from evil thoughts, people and actions. These two things are the creators of bad destiny. Its cool right? Everything would get easier, if we are able to forgive and if we have full faith in God. Now you might want to know, from where did God come into the scene. I'll explain it to you tomorrow. Until then, take care, Bye. Meena

Superbomblastic Glitch

Yesterday, I gave you hope, but Today, I would have to say something discouraging, not purposely, its out of necessity. Yesterday, I told about a suoerbomblastic prayer, that could clear your bad destiny. It is true, but there is a glitch in it. In the prayer, we say, "Forgive us our sins" It is a promising part but it doesn't stop there, it continues, " as we forgive those who sin against us." Yes, its not very easy to follow. Forgiving those who hurt us? Never. We have 1001 reason for keeping grudge against our enemies. That God knows and He just took hold of that clause, to put us in this soup. Anyway, I would say, grudge or no grudge, just don't let this opportunity pass by, to clear your destiny. Its an opportunity to have a happily ever after life. So guys, I take leave. See you tomorrow. Until then take care, Bye. Meena

A Super Bomblastic Prayer

I know its weird but there is another fact which Jesus brought us. It is nothing big. You might have heard about it, The Lord's prayer. You know, the Christians say this prayer a lot - Our Father in Heaven. In that prayer, Jesus is teaching us to ask forgiveness from God for our sins. What does that mean? It means, if we genuinely ask God, our bad destiny could be cleared. Yyyyyiiiiiiiippppppeeeeeeeee. Its simply bomblastic. But we should find the right way. Best of luck guys. See you tomorrow. Until then, take care, Bye. Meena

Forgive Our Sins

I have always wondered when I read the Bible, why Jesus always healed the sick by saying, your sins are forgiven. But as years passed by, I came to know, that He was doing them a favor. Two things happen, when sins are forgiven. 1. We are cleared of our bad destiny. 2. We are cleared of its consequences. So next time pray for the forgiveness of our sins, instead of asking a house or some money. I am in that path Best of luck. See you tomorrow. Meena

Bad Destiny

Yesterday, it was a sad moment for many families, when the bomb blasted in a church. What end did the two suicide bombers meet, we do not know. But one thing we sure know. This act has brought doom to their destiny. They sure are going to pay for their deed. They would be born again. That is for sure. But what would be their next life? Believe it, they are accountable for their actions. Just imagine, how much of their life they will have to repay for this blood shed. But the sad part is, these two bombers would not be aware of this past action in their new life and without being aware of this. They suffer from childhood and that is when we blame God for our bad destiny. So guys, think twice before you act because you are the creators of your own destiny and we would be born again and again until we clear all our past. Its not easy and its not a happy situation. That is why the saints, the ascetics forego their worldly pleasures. So that they clear the destiny within this life itsel

The Fish Monger's Dilemma

Today I saw the most surprising sight, which really awed me and made me think too. A fishmonger was taking his fish in a cycle. The container was open and the man was cycling fast. But a crow came flying silently and took a fish and flew off and the man was not even aware of it. If he goes on cycling like that for a kilometer, he would become poorer by a kilo. Because crows are far smarter than men. We are like the fish monger. We have loads of talents, we have loads of goodness in us. But we don't even bother to keep it intact by not acknowledging it and cherishing it and in the end, it won't stay with us. It goes off. I have a friend, who has only one aim in life, to become rich. So he doesn't spend on himself or for his family what he earns. He feels, that if he saves that much money, he could be richer by the day. But alas, money is for daily use. If it is not utilized wisely, it goes off unused to others hands. And that is what happens to talents or goodness too.

"Yes, I do"

Yesterday, in Kerala, there was a small news regarding the marriageable age of girls to be made legal when she comes of age. During my school time, there were girls who gained maturity at the age of 8, an age where children have not even got separated from Barbie dolls. An age where she doesn't know all her body parts. Then how come she would fare, when she gets married? Is it so important for the law makers to marry off a child? Are women just for sexual satisfaction and procreation? Don't you think, she too has an identity of her own? I would say, woman is more powerful than any beings on Earth. The first proof is in the Bible. Mary was going to become the mother of Jesus. Before that, something unusual happened. She was asked permission, whether she was willing to become the mother of God, not by her husband Joseph, but by God Himself. If God, seeks permission for such a small matter. Then know that, it is not any simple matter. It is important because, it is not of a gi

Family is for a lifetime.

Hearing this, some have a smile and some get creeps. But in real, do we really need a family? Yes we need a family, with parents, siblings, cousins, etc. They are the people, who help us reach our perfection. I know, its difficult to believe. But its true. I have two sons, very cute and cuddly, but they both test my patience to the very limit, that now, I am the epitome of patience and when I am short tempered, they temper me down. That's cool isn't it? Yes, family teach us the realities of life, the harsher way. The only thing is, be sure, that you know that they are there for you and not the other way, we for them. So I conclude that family is not a burden, but a treasure and we need them for a lifetime. Don't let them by without being with them. The loss would be ours and not theirs. See you tomorrow. Until then take care. Bye. Meena

Celebrations - A Necessity?

I have always thought, why do we need celebration. Is it very important? Do we have to go, when we are invited? etc…etc.. And the old would say, “Celebrations are Important. You should be there.” And the people who have loads of things to boast of are happy to be the centre point of celebration. But for me, I really feel like an alien. But that ends till the corridor of the celebration, after that, I am into the celebration mood. That’s weird right? The reason is simple. When a drop of water comes near a glass of water, it automatically gets attracted to the glass of water, joining that single drop into that big water world. Just like that, we are a drop of soul and when we come closer to the soul ocean, the celebration rush, we get united with the ocean and we get attracted to similar souls, which have our own ambitions, thoughts, attitudes, etc. and we open up to them and they openly share their experiences and then a bonding takes place. We feel very peaceful, happy and relieved

The Simple Rule To Make Yourself Perfect

I had the shock of my life, when one of my colleague backstabbed another colleague, whom she cannot tolerate. She heaped so much complaints,flaws against him, that any normal person would think twice before we would allow the alleged to work there. But the officer was much more fair minded and wanted to ensure, whether the allegation was all correct. And the first target were we. He asked us, whether the allegations were right. Well, we naturally refuted because, there were lots of frills attached to the allegations. So we cut all of it, which cleared all the misunderstanding. Anyway, the funny part was, the alleged didn't know, that he was being wrongly alleged. Great isn't it? There is one thing, which we should know. We are all imperfect beings. Imperfect in the sense, that we don't do the perfect way like the Sun rising at the right place at the right time, with the right co-ordination, everyday or like the flowers blooming with the perfect colour, smell and above all

To Gain Mileage To Your Life

Now when I said about pyramids, I had in mind about the advancement of intellect alone without any basic education. But the funny part is, they have given a blue print of their life style and whatever they did so clearly that, we are still baffled with the simpleness as well as the complexness of the matter. The Bible, the Koran, The Bhagavad Gita and all spiritual books were their users manual, that we are still unable to decipher the actual meaning or the inner depth of what they have written. Where have we gone wrong? Nowhere, we are still babies in the cradle of spirituality. That's it. Why I am saying this? So that we all could gain some mileage in our lives. Just give a twist to your life, be spiritual. See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye Meena

The Egyptian Pyramids

Two days back, I happened to see the movie, The Mummy Returns. I was awed by the magnificence of the engineering skill and the architecture of the pyramid. It was ages back, they built this structure, they didn't have the current technology or science had not developed so. But, with all these facilties, we cannot even make a replica of the pyramid. Why is it so? The secret is, at that time, man was much more spiritually attuned than we are now. So just know, we can gain perfection only if we grow spiritually, not physically or scholarly with lots of degrees or diplomas. The people who constructed the Taj Mahal or the people who painted in the Ajanta caves, might not have seen the corridor of a school. Where do we keep these degrees , when death comes to our door step, nowhere, it goes off into thin air. So my suggestion is, live a spiritual oriented life. It doesn't mean always recite pre written prayers. First try to make peace with yourself. Then whatever should be

The Invisible Armour

Yesterday my son and myself was walking on the road, when a small branch fell down just missing my son by a whisker. At that time, my son just stood there surprised, knowing not what to say. It was an unexplainable phenomenon. But for me, I was not surprised. You might want to know why? It is simple, we are endowed with an armour around us which protects us from all bad and evil. Its light around us protecting from darkness. But its not compulsory, that we have it all our life time. This armour can be broken, if we do very bad deeds, thoughts and attitudes. Children have more of this aura than adults. That is why, I was sure, that this light would protect children than any man made bullet proof cover. Now the next question is, what is this armour all about, right? It is simple, it is the Godly power, love, which is being enveloped around you and that is too powerful an armour, which is difficult to break. But it would break, when you lie, cheat, hurt others with words and action

Why are we born?

Its a question asked several times in our life times, when we are in tears. But have you really got the answer? Its actually like asking, why do you sow a seed? You might able to answer that, right? Yes, to create more plants of the same type, ultimately creating fruits and more seeds. Likewise, we are born to create more souls like us for that we will have to bring out the very best in ourselves and we in the process, become non existent, just like the sown seed, decay and become a big tree with lots of fruits, where birds, people,children, etc. can feed freely and the birds can make nests too. That is why we are here, for others, not for ourselves, then we would gain our goal, to be a zero for that we have to be more perfect creating more perfect souls. With all the circumstances attached, it is a Hereculean task, but if you are able to bring out the best in you even in these difficult times, then you have reached your goal, just like Jesus. But I quoted Jesus, so that you re

Do You Really Believe in Devil?

Today I happened to hear about the devil. You know, the devil, who flees when he sees a cross? Exactly that one. But do you really believe in devils? I hope not. But, if I say, in real life, there is a devil, then believe it. It is none other than you and me. We are both the devil and the angel. The devil is our mind. It flees when we see a problem (cross) coming, don't you think? And the angel is our heart, which is affected by simple things. It can be broken easily and joined easily, but the mind tries, not to hurt the heart, that is why, it warns us, 'Run, there is a cross coming.' And we devils just flee. And there lies the problem, when we flee from a problem, we are asking for the re-enactment of the same problem, with some extras too from the previous one and if you flee again, then you know, it would come back to you much more forcefully. That is why, Jesus told, take your cross and follow me (the heart). Then the problem is finished or immaterialise the

My Trusted Friend

Lucky are the people who have a trusted friend and a noble foe. What do you think? I know, you would say, Yes. But I too had a trusted friend from very young. But recently, I found that the very person became the key manipulator, in turning my life a living hell. Anyway, that didn't affect my outlook of friends and that too trusted friends because when I was studying in smaller classes, no one knows to keep a secret and from that age onwards, I was cautious that I do not have a secret to pass. That's impossible, right? It was actually easy. I made sure that I do what i don't feel ashamed of, if ever I get caught. You know, in boarding school, we have loads of reasons to get caught. And the judgement is usually done in front of the whole boarding. It is humiliating as it is. But I was toughened by a regular quota of humiliation for several years. What I meant is, in the eyes of a teacher or a boarding mistress, there are several wrongs for our actions, but within us, w

Rest in Peace

There are times, when I just stand there stuck, without a thought or a word in my being. Just like that. Its like a vacuum. But when I come out of it, I feel good. I think, you also might have had this type of situation. Its a wake up call for us. For what? That we are full to the brim. There are two things which we have to do on a daily basis:- 1. Flush out our bowels in the morning and 2. Flush out our mind every night. The second is not that easy to do. Man is a walking ant hill, of thoughts, emotions, feelings, words, etc.. And by evening we would be half dead immersed in all these things. What do you think? Am I right? I just said this because, I want you to be aware that we are not made to carry an ant hill within us. We are pure beings, very clean and perfect and we can have optimum output only if we throw out our ant hills. And that can be done by consciously throwing out thoughts, which harms our system, that of anger, hatred, etc... That is possible by forgiving,


What do you think about the word sorry. Does it have any use? I would say 'No'. Why? 1. If someone stamps on our leg and the person says sorry to us. Would you be able to forgive them? No way. We would try to control ourselves, not to yell at them. Unless and until it is forgiven, the word sorry has not done its purpose. 2. If you drive on the wrong side of the road and you are stopped by the police. Does sorry has any effect? I don't think so, because you have to pay a fine for breaking traffic rules. Then why include such a waste word in our vocabulary? I would say, try not to do any mistakes, and throw out the word sorry from your vocabulary. Can you do it? I am practicing. At least, we could be far more happier and richer than w were with the word sorry. See you tomorrow. Until then take care. Bye Meena

Either have the courage or Show the courage

Whenever I think of Mother Mary. I feel awed. Its not because she is mother of Jesus. Its because she had the courage to say "Yes" when God requested her permission to be the mother of Jesus. We all know that our daily life has lots and loads of problems. That is man made problems. Now, when we read the Bible and in the old testament, we all know, how, the people who was selected by God had to suffer. It was not a bed of roses for these people. So knowing all these, Mary with open eyes consented to accept God's proposition. That is what I would say courage. Do you have that courage? I don't think, I have it. But I take a courageous stand, though I would be trembling inside. So it doesn't make any difference. So, Either have the courage or Show the courage. Life is for the strong hearted. See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye Meena

Are You A Virgin?

This is a generation, where virginity has no value. Even a two month old has no virginity. Then what is the guarantee of the older ones. These circumstances of being raped or used was not a pre planned activity. But after that too we will have to live. And here is where you decide, whether you keep your virginity intact or lose it. Its your attitude that counts, the people who raped and used you has taken only the physical virginity. But what you want to become is your choice, take the angry route (nothing happens to the culprits with your anger. Only you have to lose) and become bad or the forgiving route and grow and become a good person. Just know, this body which we have, is created from soil and it returns to soil after death. But there is a you, the real self which would always live. You have a perfect self until you decide to malign it with immoral activities. That is when you lose virginity. That is where virginity lies, in your soul. So decide, do you want to keep you

Help Your Kids

How can you help kids: Don't give everything what they ask for. A 7 year old kid doesn't need an iphone or an ipad. So just say no. So he would work for it. He would have an aim that he has to work hard to earn. They would work hard in class and if he has to face a set back, he would just jump up from it and dust his bottom. That is what a simple no can do in life. But you should start it from small and not in the middle of teenage. But the teenage parents, you can just say your priorities and make him understand. I hope he understands. Anyway the first thing is you understand the importsnce of their needs according to priority and not them. They don't. See you tomorrow. Until then, take care.Bye meena

The worst thing you do to your kids.

Yesterday I was very strong against parents, who harass their children. There are different types of harassment. The first and most cruel harassment is lavishing your child with material comforts. Its the worst thing you do to your kids. 1. They would never know how to be self sufficient without material or money. 2. Their main need would always money and that should be fulfilled by the parent. 3. If their need is not fulfilled,then be sure, they would take a drastic step of bad company, drugs and thievery.If I may be frank with you, they would not even be shy to kill you and be killed himself in the process. Great isn't it? See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye Meena

Who is Entitled for the Mangoes?

Years back, when I was in college, a christian college. We usually had one day talks, where psychologists or counsellors or the like used to take classes. So one nun cited an example of a girl who got pregnant with her father's child. I just got stuck at that time. But the next part was what gave me the creeps. The girl was removed from her parents home and was put in an institution. So one day, her father came there drunk and asked to see her daughter and his child. So this nun came out and asked him, 'You have already tainted your daughter. Now why do you harass her again?" "Sister, if you plant a mango tree who is eligible for its fruits?" There are lots of differences between a human being and an animal. One main difference is human being doesn't have a sexual relationship with its own siblings. Now, I do not know, where the system went wrong, Now parent, especially fathers, started to use their own daughters to appease their sexual cravings.

Made For Each Other

I have always thought, why these women are so sensitive. And men so hard hearted. Its not their fault. They are made like that. Their working is like that. Its like asking, why washing machine does only washing and not cooling the room or freezing the water. Its their innate behaviour. But there is one thing which we should understand. When two persons unite in matrimony, two totally alien characters unite In magnets, only unlike poles can attract and not the like. So don't say that your spouse is not compatible with you. Nature has made your better half in so different a way that you could really get freaked out. Just know, you are made for each other - to become A Perfect Couple because your character and your sensitive makes him a perfect husband and his hard heartedness and strengthness complements your character bringing a strong shield from the bad experiences of life making your life perfect. So find, what you like in her or him and start a life from there and don'

Make Your Child A Crow

Yesterday I happened to hear a talk of a retired professor regarding the current generation. He was giving a simile too. The crow perceives with its sense of vision and acts accordingly, while the crane acts only when it gets a knock or else it always sleeps with one leg up. So he was saying, the current generation can be similarised with the crane. This generation is so into television, computers, video games, that they do not know that there is a world out there. Then how are the going to fare in life, when the grow up? True, they would eventually become failures in life. They would not be able to sustain even small shocks in life. So try to help them mingle with people, family, friends. If they are unwilling, just take them out for a walk regularly. So that they get to break the entangled craving of addiction to the machine. So parents, prepare your child to be a crow, who is vigilant and not a crane, who is always in its own cocoon. See you tomorrow. Until then, take care

Be Advanced wit Morality Intact

Today it was a gloomy day with respect to weather. You know, at this time, I like to have hot coffee, a good chair and a great view. But I had none. Just me and my work, but I had a colleague, who was steaming with anger and painting pictures, which I felt was too difficult to digest. After that I told I think, I am really outdated in the respect of advancement. But advanced in thought and actions is good. I too am one with that thought. But if the advancement get to eat up your morality, then is it good. You can give different names to what you do. But please don't throw your moral etiquette just because you think you are of this generation. Be faithful to your self. This really counts in the end. See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye. Meena

Never Be Mediocre

No one would ever recognize you. Either you be the best or the worst. Not the middle one. Well, better be the best or else you would be an outcast before long, if you become the worst. The best examples I can give is our food Sweets - usually extreme sweet Ice Cream - Extreme cold Hot Coffee or tea or Chocolate - Extreme hot Whatever we are having, if it is the sweet, we should have it extreme sweet or the ice cream very cold and coffee, very hot. Then two things happen We do not have it much and it would stay in our taste buds for long. Likewise, if we are the best, then we do not have to render our services from 9 to 5. Our presence or our ideas is enough, the rest would be automatically done for us. And still it would be a memorable one. So guys, try to be the best. See you tomorrow. Until then take care, bye. Meena

Mother Love

I have always wondered, how housewives especially mothers who live under the shade of husbands become the epitome of courage, strength and valor, when they become widows and they single handedly manage children and the household so efficiently that the normal working woman would put to shame. I got the enlightenment yesterday, when I was smashed with the truth by my son. My loving son. He is the best of kids, until he is asked to study. When he hears that word, he becomes the Kungfu Panda. He fights nail and tooth not to study. He hates the word "Study" and I naturally has to make him understand. first I take the loving route. No response, then the next step, cajoling, no way, then the next step be his martial teacher, word for word and action for action. Its a risk, which I have to take and if he starts, then its easy to take the ride. Then I knew, every housewife gets their experience from children, (especially sons because they are attached to their moms instead of