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Tips To Become A Good Cook – II

            I always used to ask what is adventure? Is it hiking the mountains or rocky terrains or go rafting in choppy waters or is it skiing in the Alps. Well for me I felt that cooking is an adventure. The cook is on an adventure on a daily basis. If he is a novice then be sure each meal is an adventure for both sides – the one who cooks and the one who eats it. But for me I liked the thrill of cooking and to see the expression on the faces. Don’t think I’m a good cook. But one thing is for sure, even now, my family cannot expect anything ordinary from me. I do like giving surprises and they love to participate in it. My kids would love to come home anticipating what surprise mother has in store for me and it's not fair to deny them that, Right? 1.      Do surprise the family with some variety in your dish/recipe. To see their expression on their faces is indeed worth a try. In my life I learned it from different ladies. Once I went to visit my friend and she had prepared payas

Tips To Become A Good Cook

            I became a cook literally after marriage. Before that, I hadn’t an opportunity to cook food or to be frank to stay at home. So when I became a housewife, it was not only a nightmare for me but also for my husband and his family too. And during my life from then on I learned a few lessons, which I would like to share with you all.      1.      Plan your meal a day before. It would save time and energy. For persons to have to go to office with lunch, the meals should be ready before 8. Preparing breakfast, lunch with curries and if it had to be done single-handedly, then planning could help relieve some work. 2.      When you cook try to use as little utensils as possible, you can save on washing. And the wash load which piles after cooking can be reduced. 3.      Never cook dishes with lots of ingredients and difficulty when everybody is on the run, they would never appreciate your hard work and would never have the time to savour the taste. Its better to serve it in the eve