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Tips to Make Oldage a Happy One

Hey Guys!!!! I happened to read in one brochure, Oldness can be loneliness. Do you think so? For me, I don't. I have always wondered that old age is the best time to be peaceful and quiet. If you have a family, who is OK with caring their elderly parents or family members, then oldage is the best time. Well if there isn't a family, then too, its the best time!!!! There is one thing you should remember, we cannot make anybody happy with our good actions and intentions, but we can make ourselves happy, right? So do what is right and be happy, whether you are young or old. Now consider I am also old, I make my old age happy by 1. Just zipping my mouth shut. No free advice, unless asked. - Each word is more powerful than a two edged sword. It can hurt not only the other person but also myself. So its better to shut up most of the time and save myself from heart break!!!! That's my policy   Free Advice :- Anywhere in the world, whether you are young or old,  you wi