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I Am Entitled To....

Today, I had the opportunity to be a part of the crew, to visit the sunset and the heritage of Fort Cochin. I do not know, whether you would believe it, this is the second tine, I have been given this opportunity. The first, I skipped. I didn't feel like going. I gave 1001 reasons not to be there. But before long, the second landed on my lap, which I had no way of to say No. There is one thing, which we cannot miss here. What is for us, comes to us, no matter, how much we say " No ". When I was a kid, I have heard one of my friends grandpa saying that each grain of rice has a name written and that rice would be had only by that person and no one else would get it. At that time, I felt, that he might be joking. Just imagine a grain of rice with our name on it. But with this experience and several more, I knew, he really stated a fact. Even if we run behind any person or thing, if it is entitled to us, then, no matter, how much they try to stop coming, it would come t

Do You Have a Warranty?

Today I felt very sad, because, my mom looked a little lost. You might ask, what so big deal about that. Well, her's is a well planned life. She knows, at what time to wake up, what prayers to say, which mass to go, which food to eat, where to go on which day, how much to give for charity, etc..etc.. But now, I came to look after her, when she fell sick and a month went haywire, then my son is always at logger heads with her. He a nineth kid, who is trying to flex his wings with his new found ideas and notions of teenage and my mom clipping it before it tries to flutter. And I in the middle, making my son to hush. Can I ask you guys a question, which side should I stay, my mother's or my son's because both sides are correct in their sense. Anyway, this ritual started from the day my son started to go to school after this summer vacation and it was a nightmare for me. So what I did, I have this habit of getting into the cocoon of my soul, where I chat with God. So