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The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - Out of the Boat

Oh My God!!!! What the .....!!!!! Grandma!!!!! Eline started cooing and babbling. The boat started rising from the water by the water and was placed near the front door without spilling a single drop of water. Phew!!!! That was cool wasn't it grandma? Yes Indeed Ram, Surprisingly Cool!!!! Robert got off the boat and helped Naomi out of it, Ram jumped off the boat with Tiger. And wonder of wonders Noah was waiting for them with his long robe and a big smile to welcome them. "Ooh Sir!!! where's your boat?" It disappeared upon my will Ram. You know my name!!!!! I know all your names including Eline's too. So now come inside, you have had a very adventurous day, you all might be exhausted. Naomi, can I extend a maid to help care for Eline? "Oh!!! that would be wonderful." Grandma, is it okay, if I go with Eline? She might get frightened because she does not know anybody here. Sure dear, you can. A middle aged, pleasant face