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Self Respect

Hey Guys!!!! Here in the place I live, its really....and  literally hot, in the sense that its sweaty hot..... In the climate  sense, it can be yuck!!!! but in the sense of the place, the people, the ambiance, its simply wow!!!! You might wonder what I am getting at, its that, its not necessary that it should be a destination-destination to love a place. Its the positive attitude of life that brings a positive outlook to wherever you are with whoever you are. As I always tell you, positive outlook happens when you love your self, respect your self. You should feel that you are the best.  To be the best, its not necessary you should be the winner, giving the best shot at whatever you do and you are happy with whatever the outcome,  is the best win. The Result - You will respect your self, love your self and be happy with your self and that will bring a new perspective of life and a brightness around you. That is what makes you love the place where you are. Why don't yo