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My Experience With The Universe's Best Teacher - Shobana Miss

I have always wondered, what's the criteria for the best teacher. Should she be smart? or talented or beautiful? I was not sure, until I met a teacher on the first day of my son's education.  The day was sunny and all the parents of kindergarten students had to accompany their kids to school. It was the time, when play-school had not yet started. So it was a heartbreaking experience for most of the kids to let go of their parent. There were a few who were crying out loud, but most of them were on the verge of tears.  A smart, agile teacher came into the class with a big smile. Upon her arrival, the kids knew immediately, that something was going to happen and most of them started crying. Since all the parents expected their kids to cry, they didn't mind the chaos, but to everyone's shock, the class went silent. What magic did the teacher do to console the heartbroken students? No idea. One thing, I know, she didn't say to stop crying or use cajoling or consoling. Th