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Why Do I Believe

"But Rafael,  you itself told me that God Created Jesus from His very soul, then how come, God and Jesus have any difference?" "Yes there is a very big difference Monica." "But how come this difference arrived?" "God, is complete soul, full of love. But Jesus along with the God soul has the physical body of human beings, which pulls him away from being with God or like God." "Ooooh that means, its like evil, the devil which takes us away from God, isn't it Rafael?" "Yes, exactly, both good and evil are within us children and what you choose to do is what comes out of us." All nodded. "But Rafael, there is one thing I do not understand, the teachers or the priests, who leads the people to christianity does wrong, then how will we feel to follow them?" "Never ever judge others by their action because, as I told you, when we are covered with the physical human body you make lots and loads of mist