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Honour Your Parents

Hey Friends Its so long since I spoke to you. These past days, I got to speak to many mothers and about motherly behaviours. As I grew up, instead of one mother, I had several mothers, which in a way, helped me mould to become a very good mother.(Well!!!! I should respect myself, shouldn't I?), but that doesn't mean we have left out fathers. Fathers, are an integral part of the family, so I am not focusing on any one parent, we say with one word - Parents So why should we respect or honour our Parents? Reasons :- They helped us bring us to this world They did not throw us on the street or put in orphanages, when we were just babes. They gave food to eat  They bought clothes and clothed us They gave us education and helped us become a good citizen  They loved us no matter what wrong we have done They cared us when we were sick or frightened They showed the world for us They spent their money for us, when they could have used for personal needs In India, the