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Comfortable in your skin - Saneesh

Hey Guys!!!! Today, I would like to say something about Saneesh. He was always a smiling boy and a very simple person. Though he was not very studious, he worked hard to make a difference. I have never seen him joke or brag or outspoken. I have always thought, that every teenager had a tendency to  dramatize or overreact their circumstances. They would do anything to gain attention, but Saneesh was not that type, to be frank, only when the rolls were called we came to know, that Saneesh was there. I think, all students of my class got to learn from him about being complacent and non dramatic. Saneesh really made a difference with his presence alone for the whole class. He never criticized anyone and so everyone was comfortable around Saneesh. He was there to curtail our over zealous personalities by just being there, it brought a clear perspective of what to speak in public. Even the teachers gave him a special preference and nobody ever complained because he was innoce