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Love Your Neighbour as Your Self

Hey Guys!!!!! How should we live? Happily ever after? or be tensed or depressed when you have a problem?  or be sad when something bad happens? or Be elated when something good happens? Well let me get some cool facts of our physical body. Emotions create chemical reactions in our body. It affects the balance of the body.  The best chemical reaction in your body happens when you are in Love . What is Love? Love is an emotion, where you are happy to have with you whether its a person, animal or thing. You can connect with that no matter wherever you are. You would like to be a part of it in whatever circumstances. Its a feeling that is created by a chemical reaction which happens in our body. For example, Do you love your body? Do you love the right side of your body or the left side? The nose or the eyes? Will you hurt the part which you don't like?  You might think, why I am asking these weird questions?  Imagine you love your right side and hate the left side,