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Hey Guys!!!! The best thing about smiling is, it has many expressions packed into one single smile, its like 1000 words are packed into one smile, its like the pleasure of presence expressed. Its lots of things. For example, you see a person, instead of saying "Hi!!!" you just smile. So when the smile is returned, its like, "Hi!!!! It was a pleasure meeting you or it might mean, I am not averse to have met you, etc..." If the smile is not returned, then he/she  is not interested in making acquaintance with you. When a mother sees her child - the first expression is the smile and that goes for the child too, the expression of happiness, love and relief packed in one. When a lover sees his love - the first expression is the smile of Love, happiness and contentment. When a husband sees a wife - again the famous smile. For each and every facets of life, smile is a must, an inevitable necessity. Isn't it beautiful, Communication without languag