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Thinking Of You

                I have heard, thoughts travel fast and it is the most best means to communicate too. But last day, I had the weirdest experiences which made me think, “How come?” I was thinking of my friend who was states away from me. It had been months, since I contacted her. So I thought, I’ll make a call. I called and the very first thing, she said was, “Miss, I had been really wishing, that you called and for the past two days, she was doing just that. (You might think, why didn’t she call. She didn't have my number). Then I knew that what the sages said is true. Thoughts really can communicate because the  two days, she had told, was indeed bogged with thoughts of the said friend and making my heart mushy and making me feel to call her, but several reasons cropped up to postpone the act. But in the end, I called and the feeling stopped. “Why is it so?” Well, the explanation is thus, “Thoughts too are made of atoms. Just like electricity, these atoms, when sent out to nature