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When Do We Make Bad Choices?

Hey Guys There is no such thing as good or bad choice.  Whatever you choose to do or say or think is always right.  Its the consequences of that choice, which sometimes won't be what you expected and it can follow you lifelong.  So don't blame your destiny, you chose it. The only advise I can give you is,  " Choose Wisely ".  The key to make the right choice is, look around and watch the people who made the same choices and how they are living.  Sometimes elders advise, about wrong choices, hear them and then decide, they can save you from several heart breaks and tears.  But then, that too would be your choice. Good Luck!! See you. Meena

The Adventures of Baby Eline & Grandma Naomi - The Decision

The boat slowed down,  Robert asked, "Naomi, what do you think, should we row forward or should we get off here? Its your boat, if we get off now, we will have no option but to abandon it here. We will try to hide it inside these bushes." Robert you are indeed a God sent angel, isn't he Ram? How would we have managed without Robert?  Ram nodded and smiled at them both. "So Robert,  as I told, you are an angel, likewise, this boat too is a gift from heaven. I hadn't even known of its existence until this morning. So I cannot say, this is my boat. If the boat goes from me, then the person who gets it needed it more than me, and I should let it go too, don't you think? Both Ram and Robert stared at Naomi, but Naomi continued,  We have a big problem now, how do we get back to our places? To be frank, I have several unanswered questions, I don't know whether you could be of help Robert, but do you know the reason for this flash flood?" Robert shook