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How Do we Prioritize?

Hey Guys!!!! I know its long since I have written something, its not because I purposefully abstained from it but my one and the only flaw - laziness took control of me. Sorry, I know that's not a convincing one. But its true. Now, I have decided to overcome it.  I have decided to write, but what to write? I do not know and that too daily, that's one hell of a glitch I am in. So let's put some priority. The list of priorities can be as follows:- Whom should we prioritize or About What or  About Which Subject. My answer :- Kids Their Learning Subjects Any Subjects And after answering this  above question, we can get to the next level How would you go about it? My answer :-  I don't know. But that doesn't mean you would not know. So after answering the question, you have the blue print of your goal. So guys, go for it. Let me check on my issue today and for sure would decide by evening. So see you tomorrow. Take ca