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Excerpt of Follow the Heart and Time Your Tide

This is an excerpt of my romantic novel. Maria….Maria… where are you? “Oh My God! Sr. Lea!” She’s here? She wasn’t expected until tomorrow, that was what Sr. Damien had told. Maria muttered under her breath and ran to the dormitory, expecting the tirade of “I have told you not to do this, that and that and…that Huh.” But Maria was Maria. She did what she felt right. But for Sr. Lea, Maria was a mortal mistake sent to make her life a living hell. Sr. Lea, the boarding mistress was a short, stout lady in her 40’s. She was always on logger heads with Maria. Sr. Lea was disliked by all except her relatives and friends. There were not many of them for her. One look at Sr. Lea, said it all. “She was ANGRY”. Maria came slowly to her with a wavering smile. “Maria! how many times have I to tell you, not to bring flowers for my sick children? They might be allergic to flower pollens and there might be insects in it too but you don’t hear me. I have always told you not to disturb the sick