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I have always thought, how would we fare in life without a because. But do you know this word is a small spark which can ignite a big explosion? Its simple, when we make a mistake, we have a reason, that's for sure. So we start to get into the very depth of the cause of our mistake and it would surely be not us then naturally the first word that comes out of our mouth is 'because'. The first 'because' makes the other person feel a negativity over us and the next 'because' would make him grind his teeth and the third one a tight fist and the fourth one a smash which would have a negative impact in our life. So what do you think? Is because, good for any cause? A lawyer can use it without chaste A student with lightning haste But the lesser mortals like us, Are better off without the lot. See you tomorrow, Until then take care, Bye. Meena

The Worst Mistake A Parent Can Ever Make

A Parent Should Never Make this Mistake Don't judge your children, according to what others say. It happened once to me, when I was small, not so small, exactly during my adoloscence. At that period, my boarding mistress was my sworn enemy. She didn't have any complaints against me. So when my parents arrived, she told them, I received a love letter (Love affairs are taboo in boarding schools and Indian culture), which was a fib. My mother had her vapours, then and there. Seeing my mom's anger, the boarding mistress was glowing with pride, she was able to even a score against me. But my father, didn't utter a word. He waited for the storm to abate and then he spoke slowly, in front of me. "Sr. I am glad to hear, that my daughter received a love letter, or else, I would feel, she is not a normal girl. So where is the love letter? Can I see it?" That gave her the sweat. She replied, "Oh!! I was not expecting you. So I burnt it." opening up the

I Have Lost Hope

I do not know, what my aim in life is. I have only tried not to hurt anyone. But still, I do not know, why I was born. Today, I faced death. If I had passed away I would have been really glad, not because I am scared of life. It is because, I have not made any difference in anyone's life. The blog I write was my own growing. It helped me a lot. But, this world is not for me alone. I have to give space for the others. But, when I do that, I wanted to give my best to my fellow people. Not like an Einsteen or Newton or the saints or great people. But like you and me, first family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, then the world. I think, I have failed everywhere. As I write this, my tears want to come off its confinement. My life is a failure. But I wish and pray, that the whole world will be happy and their wishes be fulfilled. Today is my brother's b'day. I wish him a happy birthday. May God bless you. I really hope God sees my dilemma. See you tomorrow. Unti

Don’t Insult God

Basically my upbringing was of a spiritual trend than the normal live and jive. Don't think it was purposely done. When a lady is given a convent education, then prayer is a part and parcel of the education, along with all the disciplinary life style. Waking up at 5.30 in the morning and go to church for the mass at 6 was not a very happy ritual then. But rules are always rules, when you are living under their supervision. I have always thought, why prayer. It was so boring. I literally slept through mass, my whole of my growing stage till high school, after that I became seniors, which would not be a good practice. For the outside world, we go to church, pray morning, afternoon, evening. So we should naturally be God's pet. But is it true, that by always praying and going to church or temple or mosque can get you into the good books of God? Well, I can surely say, No. My son, he is averse to long prayers. But his grandma has a long list of prayer, which would natural