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Respect Personal Space - Sini C Joseph

Hey Guys!!!! You might know by now, that I have been shuttling from boarding to boarding. I was adept in all the nuances of boarding life. Actually I was bit jaded in the perspective of life, parents, children,   teachers, the atmosphere of school, boarding or whatever. You might wonder what I am talking about. You know boarders are kids where they are away from home, given the best of facilities, food, accommodation and no house work except eat, sleep, study, pray and go to school. The only drawback, they are deprived of the warmth, love and care of their parents.   As a seasoned boarder, I surely knew what to expect. And I think my heart was hardened by the battering I received until then. So I was prepared to face all the hurts dished out to me fro this new school. But I was proved wrong. What was different in this school which was not found in others? For sure it was not any grand gestures.   I don’t know whether you guys would believe it, most of the students in