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What is Your Gender?

For days, I have been talking about the half man and half woman policy in the basic construction of human being. But is it localised only in human being? I don't think so. I have always been at awe when "Like Poles Repel." Yes, you guessed it right, the magnets. The first time, when my teacher, gave me magnets to try and make like poles attract, the strength of the magnet to say no was, simply awesome. I am talking about a metal, which has no attitude or life. This proves, that non living things do have two facets in it, or we can say two opposite characters and the best part is, turn one magnet and it attracts, so strongly, that it takes real strength to break it apart. Now, if we look into plants, especially, the hibiscus, it is through self pollination, it procreates, that means, it creates new hibiscus plants, with one single flower. In short, both male and female are in the same plant. Now, hibiscus is like a transgender in human language. Since we have al