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Place Do Matter

When you decide to travel, the place do matter with respect to the budget. Now if you ask a regular traveller, which is the most expensive place to tour? Some would respond as Paris and some would say, its London. That doesn't matter unless you are aware that these places are more expensive than other places like India or Sri Lanka or wherever. So the first thing to note is the standard of living in each place. I am an Indian and if I feel, that I can manage in London or Paris, with the money I earn in India, then I would be awakened with a big shock when I apply for a visa. So make sure, you know the living standards of each place before you plan the trip. I remember one guest who tipped Rs. 10/- to the person who carried four big suitcases of his. Last day in Kerala, I saw a beggar who threw back Rs. 5/- and cursing the person who donated it. Imagine the nerve of the beggar. Its not the nerve, its the standard of living they are used to. So when you plan, even if it is to t

How Much are You Planning to Spend On You?

We all do not have the same financial status. A pauper has one and the prince has another. But we all sure have one. The only advice is, do not get yourself in debt by overspending. Now if you have only Rs. 1000/- to spend for a day, be frank to yourself, and spend within that price range. And this range makes a lot of difference in many ways 1. The spaciousness of the room 2. The neatness of the room 3. The thickness of the bed 4. The location of the place 5. The dealing of the staff, etc....etc.... And we put all the services of all category hotels in a scale of 1 to 10. The lower the budget, the scale would be lower. I work in a place where the category of the hotel is in the scale of 6 and the guests there cannot tolerate or even step into a 3 scale hotel, even if they purposefully decide to lower the budget. And then its a lot more replanning, rescheduling, changing & money loss for the guest and humiliation for the travel agent. So its better to know the bud