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Happily Ever After Series - Stop Making Resolutions

Hey Guys!!! Every year before the arrival of the new year, unconsciously we have a tendency to make resolutions or if we are young, we are asked to make resolutions. And we try to make sure that we follow it, but it's a rarity that we are able to fulfill it till the very end. Have you ever wondered why can't we keep our resolutions? Well!! Let's check why. When we break promises to others, we feel bad about it. But we don't even regret breaking the resolution or the promise we made. Yeah.. yeah... I know... we have 1001 reasons. In reality, there is only one reason - We don't VALUE or LOVE or RESPECT our SELF . You don't believe it? Let me explain. Let's check the dialogue we have with our self before breaking the resolution, I will give mine. "Meena, I think we need to break this resolution next time, we will do it much more strongly. I promise I will keep it till the year end, but for this once, I have no choice.. I need to break it.. I really can&