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The Unfairness of Life

According to the traditional Hindu religion, tomorrow the living will have the cleansing dip for all the dead souls. I think you understood, all the sins will be cleansed from the dead soul. But in the real sense, whether you are dead or alive you will go through the consequences of what you have done, whether you take your holy dip in Ganga or Brahmaputra or from the river originating from heaven. It would not get cleansed. I am not being fanatical, its a fact. that is the way the nature is made, or else, there is no use doing good, if it is not returned, the strong would overcome the weak. Then we say, life is not fair to us. But don't worry,life is always fair. If you have done something good, it would cross time, tide and lives to reach you. There would never be a barrier for the good you have invested to return to you and that goes for bad too. Now I would not discourage you to take the dip. At least you will know, that mistakes are always mistakes, whether you are the son

6 feet Earth or A Pot of Ashes

Today, while I was passing the dock yard, my mimd flew to an old friend, who is no more. You know, he was a very kind man and very loving too and his specialty, he is a perfect mechanical engineer, who can spot a hair line complajnt, by the sound of the motor. O. K. I was not thinking about his qualities, but my thoughts went to the person, a very nice man and I do not know whether you would believe it, but many very nice people passed, leaving behind a fragrance and not there to see the world now. It was a melancholic moment. Now my houghts turned to the living including, how many more years or is it days or seconds? We do not know, that moment has already been set, for each one of us. Are we aware of it? I do not know, but, if we know that moment of ours or our loved ones, what will be our attitude? Same as now? If you think, you would behave differently, then I suggest, start it from this very moment, who knows, whether we would be there to see the light of day the next moment o