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Nobody Needs Me

Hey Guys!!!!! "Nobody Needs Me"  is a dialogue or a thought every human being goes through at one point or several points in their life. I too had it several times. Its natural. But how do you face it, that is what makes the difference. Saying it loud helps, I didn't mean shout it, just answer Q :- What is the problem? A :- I feel unwanted, I feel alone, I don't know... I feel like dying..... Q :- But why? What made you think that? Is it because somebody did not acknowledge you or appreciate you or left you out? A:- I don't know...... its the feeling of sadness its just coming up, I don't know, I can't put it into words. I don't know how to explain. Q:- Okay, can you say what happened today in your life since you woke up? A:- Say all the details.... every single minute one, even if it is just nothingly nonsense, just say it... Q:- There lies the answer, a small minute matter triggered this thought. I will give my life experience It wa