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The Power of Priesthood

Last day there was a public voicing of the credibility of priests and their works by a man to an old lady, in a queue in the LIC office. Since it was a queue, nobody had any business other than hear this juicy topic. But to the horror for the man and the spectators, the old lady declined herself to be dragged into the malice. She said sternly, “Look, I do not like to criticise any priests or for that matter anybody. And you’re a man, it won’t suit you to talk in such a manner, as a woman. Please let me be as I am. The man felt ashamed because he was publicly humiliated. Here the generation gap which focuses the lifestyles of two cultures and characters were reflected. But it was a thought for me as a lay person. We are living in an age where priests and sisters are valued less. An age where there are hordes of opportunities to corrupt mankind. In the process the God’s selected few too get corrupted, unwittingly. But the humiliation others take is heart rending. It is indeed a sad sp