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Predictability of Life!!!!

Hey Guys!!!! Sorry, I was not able to write yesterday because my uncle passed away. Though I am writing about the people who really had a profound impact upon my life, I will have to deviate here for my uncle. It was a sad moment yesterday, because this uncle, Mr. Joseph changed my destiny. Can you believe it?? Which I could have done without. But it happened and here I am attending the funeral of him. We all know that there are lots of milestones and cornerstones on a road, we take it for granted when we are sure of the way, but when we ae new to the place we really look forward to have it. So when each new milestone is in front of us, we feel happy because we have reached it. But we don't give a thought when its passed. Only when I was sitting in the church, I was thinking of uncle and I realised, he really was a destiny changer for many people. And they all blame him for intruding in their lives. I know my uncle personally, he always think what is good for others and he act