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Why can' We Recreate the Pyramid?

I hope I was able to give some idea about God. And I also ensured that only by uniting theouhh him can you have life energy. Now you might want to know, why do we need life energy. Man has a history of decades of years. Can I ask a question? According to the advancement of technology, which age is livable or tolerable? Paleolithic? Mesolithic? Neolithic? Sorry, I do not the name of this age or is this age? Well the answer would be truly his age, but I differ on that. Look at the egyptian pyramids. When was it built, well, I'm not so sure well nearly, 2500 B. C. Look at ots perfection, even now, with all these technologies, we are not able reproduce it, why. Simple because we have no life energy. Every civilization has some or the other forms of uniqueness, the Romans, the indus or the indians, americans, everyone has so much to boaat of, whoch we canot reproduce, so we are forced to preserve, or conserve it. Its all necause, the people at that time had more life energy,