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Plough Through Life

Hey Guys!!!! I don’t know when a change happens whether   it happens physically too. To be frank, the first time I wore glasses or you can say I needed glasses to see clearly happened when I was 13. I literally couldn’t see what the teacher was writing on the board. And I was wondering, why nobody was complaining about the seeing part. Now when I think about it, that is what we do in our everyday   lives, when we have a problem, we think for all the others too, that it’s a problem for them too, but in fact its not true. Each has his or her own problem created by oneself. Anyway, I bought a new pair of glasses during my annual medical check up and Lo Behold!!! I could see, in fact too clearly if you wanted to know what I felt, “My breath caught in my lungs” That was the first time I got to experience the beauty of the place. I don’t know about you but when I have a problem, my whole focus was on it and that made me miserable day and night. Do you know what my problem was

The LoC of Friendship

Hey Guys!!! Friends are the best, when they are there to support us, guide us and lend an ear to hear us. But when they try to take the place of someone, then that is where they cross the Line of Control (LoC). We all have a place in life, no matter what, be there and don't overstep it. Last day, my friend, a married lady who has a good-for-nothing husband and smart two daughters. So it was natural, she needed someone to hear her problems and that was with her colleague, who was a man. Their friendship grew, they helped each other out, now the man wants to have a say in each and every aspect of her life - to whom to talk with, to whom to be with, etc...etc..... that was the death knell of that beautiful relationship.  Whose mistake is it? It is nobody's mistake, we cannot control our heart and the effects the other people have  on us. It can escalate for sure. Then there are the famous "circumstances", like my friend, she has to take care of he

Never Cross The Invisible Boundary

Hey Guys!!! As a human being, we have several boundaries - the boundaries of countries, lands, seas, air,  houses, rooms, personal space and even relationships. Now, why do you need these boundaries? For the smooth running of relationship between countries, people and between family members. I do not know much about history about creating boundaries and I am not going into it. I am much more into getting into the ways and means to have a life with happily ever after. One day, I met a mother of two boys and she was complaining that she does not want to welcome one of her son's friend (been together from childhood till 27 yrs) . I was a bit surprised, because this long a friendship, does bring out a special affection, so I asked her, "Really!!!! Why?" She replied, "This boy, whenever he comes to my house, comes directly to the kitchen, opens the refrigerator and checks out whether there is any food to eat and if there is anything he takes

Bible - Man's Users Manual - Empty Handed

Hey Guys!!! This is the continuation of the previous post, so if you want to understand the head and tail of what I am saying please do read the previous posts heading Bible - Man's Users Manual from the beginning. Now Jesus was born and seeing His situation, we feel, He is going to starve. Actually He was born in a Cow Shed and still the Kings came, the shepherd's came. The best part is, all were informed by an external force, the Angels for the shepherd and the Star for the Magis, which is above all human knowledge and thought,  they all came bearing gifts and the gifts that the Kings brought would take care of Jesus and His family without any impoverishment for His entire lifetime and much more and the lambs from the shepherds for the daily needs. Do you know what that means? There would be people who would be brought for our express needs and our needs are taken care of no matter where we are born, how we are born or to whom we are born - our daily needs as

Shut Up and Row the Boat Until 20

Hey Guys!!!! How are you? Today, I would like to talk about kids from the perspective of a mother or let me say parents. I met a mother who was taken to the police station because she asked her daughter to clean her room. Just Imagine!!!!!! In India, there is one famous saying coming out from 99% of the elders "Children, we too once rowed the same boat." Yes, its really true, the meaning of the saying is, every parent was once a child. They know each and every stage of life, the difficulties passed, the joys of life, the decisions made, mistakes faced, etc...etc.... and reached the prime of life - now. So, they can say it without doubt, they have indeed rowed the boat. But, have you wondered, why these guys including me, get agitated, when the kids make mistakes? I will say a story, which happened in my life, when I was young, just for an example and the difference between a child and a parent. Years back we had a tape recorder, but during those times,

Spare The Time

Today, I happened to meet a guest, who was a South Indian. You know the specialty of a South Indian and especially Keralite, they try to be diplomatic in all the affairs they conduct. So this person, a sales manager, a highly educated man. His wife a headmistress in a government office. They earn a lot of money together. So while talking, I happened to know that he was not a believer of God. He believes in logic. My eyes literally widened as he said it, then we talked about some knick knacks and one that struck me is, he wished to look after his mother, but was scared to follow it. I felt sad. I asked the reason and he said "As the history of old people goes, they are less tolerant to others and we too reciprocate the same attitude. And I cannot hurt my wife or my mother." He continued, "I sometimes scold my mother, she has to co-operate with us, we are busy people and we are sparing our valuable time for her. She should understand our sacrifice. There is a lim

Pride Goes Before A Fall

Dear Guys This is a comment I received for one of my posting. I really would like to share it with all my readers, who spares some time in my blog and I hope you do not mind Steve. This got my attention when I needed a reminding!!!! Steve Finnell  has left a new comment on your post " Pride Goes Before a Fall ":  PRIDE IS THE ERADICATOR OF INTELLECT Pride can cause you to appear intellectually challenged. The devil had a pride problem. The devil knew that Jesus was God in the flesh, and he still tried to tempt Jesus to sin. [Matthew  4 : 1 -11] PRIDE CAN CAUSE YOU TO APPEAR INTELLECTUALLY CHALLENGED. Pride destroys the faculty for understanding. Pride hinders the power of discernment. Pride is a road-block to clear thinking. Pride clouds our judgment. Pride restricts our comprehension. Pride causes us to think we are smarter than God. Pride opens the avenue for us to believe man-made doctrine. 2 Peter 3:16 as also in all his letters, speaking in them