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How To Live Mindfully?

We are all searching for love, happiness, peace, prosperity, abundance, beauty and the list goes on. And what happens, when you don't get it? You become unhappy. What happens, when you achieve it? You are still unhappy.  Because that was not what you expected and you want more. So you set a new and higher goal. That is the life you are living now. Now let's check the real fact. You are enveloped every moment of your life in love, happiness, peace, prosperity, abundance, beauty, etc. You might be thinking, I am joking. Unfortunately, I am not. How can that be? Let's check one thing you receive everyday. The air you breathe.  The Universe has given you abundant air to breathe. You don't need to buy it from any store. The lungs, does a great job in bringing the air from the atmosphere through the nose, through the windpipe inside your body and it is transferred to the blood. This air when it reaches every cell of your body, you are alive. Because you have life you see the

How Can You Break Your Rebirth Cycle?

 Quite easily. Let's check how can we break the water cycle. You cannot break the water cycle. But you can break a drop of water from the water cycle. How? When Hydrogen separates from Oxygen or vice versa. Then there will be no water, in its place it will be Hydrogen and Oxygen. Likewise, you can get out of this rebirth cycle. If you can remove hurt, anger, hatred and all negative, thoughts, feelings and emotions from you.  When you have no cravings, needs or dreams.  And if you fill yourself completely with love. Then you can break the cycle of rebirth. So live your life, wisely. And how can you remove your negativities? That's a topic for another day. Until then. Bye Meena

What Are The Consequence of Your Choices And How Will You Face it?

In the Bible, the first mistake was the mistake of Adam. When Adam made his first mistake. His consequence continued for all mankind and is still continuing.  So what happens when you make a mistake? You would be blocked out from light. The light which is your lifeline, that gives love, peace, happiness, abundance and all the good things you imagine. You will be in darkness where hatred, anger, hurt, unforgiving and all the bad unimaginable lives. That will all be filled inside you. And we all think, God gave this situation, you cannot do anything about it. But in reality, you can. That's why Jesus had to come and die on the cross. When Jesus, died on the cross, everyone thought, it was unfair. But in reality it was actually a study tour of facing the consequence. We blamed Judas, the pharisees and the people, for crucifying Jesus. But in reality, they did not do it purposefully, they were all part of helping clear the consequence of one single mistake, Adam made.  Imagine!!! If th


 Hey guys The best moments of our life is in small things, that happen at the right time at the right place, with the right people. There is no better time than now, which you have it in plenty to acknowledging whatever you have, because nothing stays for long. Enjoy it, while you have it. If you want to make your life a success, then value you, your relationships and the time you have now. It's the people who makes our life special.

What to Expect from Life?

Hey guys In life, when you give your best, people don't see it as such. In fact, they take it in the opposite sense. And you feel sad and depressed. But don't be. That, is life.  Your life is your mirror image. In a mirror, your right becomes its left. So, when everything goes wrong, remember, you did indeed gave your best shot. Now you know what to expect from life. Enjoy it while you have it. No matter what, others think, the consequence of your action, will always be the best. See you. Meena