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Bible - Man's Users Manual - Man's Birth

Dear Friends Before starting, I would like to know why we are here in the first place and why we are taking the life of Jesus as our User's Manual Do you think, that Jesus- The Son of God, should be born at all? No.  Ans :- God promised Adam that He will reinstate Man to the garden of Eden and be with God, where there are no mediators only Man & God. Now it is the duty of man to follow exactly what God says to return back to Him. And that is why Jesus was born, to show us the way to God, to Eden. That is why Jesus told, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."  That is why we are using Jesus life as our Users manual to reach the Garden of Eden.  Believe Me, its not Easy!!!  Back to the Explanation :- So now, we know that even before the parents of Jesus were married, Jesus was conceived without any physical involvement or in any physical sense with Mary by anyone. That means, we  too

Think Twice Before You Act

Today I happened to watch the world premiere of Ashiqui 2, a bollywood movie. Everything was good, the story line, the acting, direction, cinematography. I really was awed by the picturisation of the alcoholic. It was really superb. But in the end, it got broke, it got flopped. According to the thought process of an alcoholic, yes, he might commit suicide, but a movie maker, who, holds many a people's expectation, should have channelized the weakened attitude of the alcoholic to the path of victory . But unfortunately, he didn't. I was disappointed, because its marketing, was done ages before. So there might be lakhs of viewers, who might be an addict of something, which he is unable to break. So the chances of him committing suicide is more. Is it what we should wish of others? Its like escaping, running away from your faults. I believe in the strength of human mind, his will power. I will give an apt example, An Indian dancer, named Sudha Chandran, met with a road

Don't Compromise on Dreams

Could you please explain the best sights of the place? That would be the first question any tourist would ask before he plans to go to any destination. Which includes both you and me. But this question was directed to me. That really was a question, isn't it? Usually we don't bother about the details of our own places. You know, the place I live is a tourist hot spot and I have not seen most of it. But I have visited several places out side our place. I really felt ashamed. Because I am a story weaver, when I say about a place, I try to give the story behind it, that's interesting isn't it? Yes I know because, along with my writing, I also organise tours. Just for a living. That is necessity. Do you know, before getting this job, I was planning to take up a job because my mom was very sick. So I was unable to return to my well paid job. So I set my conditions, of my job and I attended two interviews too. They were willing to have me, but some or he other conditions

Meet the President

Today I was thanking God, from the very bottom of my heart, that a drop of tear or two escaped my eyes. For what? That's the miracle, the beauty of life, the beauty of being human. You would feel it, when you stand in my place. If I may be frank, you might even howl your eyes out. That much big a miracle has happened to me. Now the miracle, I had written three books. I love all three, two are published, one is a romantic, " Follow The Heart & Time Your Tide " and the second is for children as well as for elders. The name, " Why Should You Love Your Parents ".The third is a family book, I have not named it. But I would surely do it. But there is one important necessity for every book, beauty, it should blend into the hearts, that work is done by the editor. I am a writer, but not an editor. Since I am not famous as a writer, I did not know whom to ask. So the best option with me was, ask God for the right person. I did. It was ages ago. Since there

Return to the Womb

I am really awed by the silence of my readers, when I spoke about breaking he narriers of religion. There is one thing to reiterate all religions have a core ideal and that is love. It is to this we have to reach. That is what our goal is eternal bliss and the means to reach it is through sacrifice. When I write this, the chances of physically sacrificing is what you might think. But it is a big No. I will give an apt example. Usually, the epitome of sacrifice is mother. When she cooks, she looks into all the likes and dislikes of her husband, her children, grand children, etc. So its a happy home. Here she gives away her likes and dislikes for the happiness of her family, that is what I mean sacrifice. Likewise, we too have to saxrifice by returning to our birth state. Do you remember the day you were born? I know you don't, even I too don't but my mother told, I had just the cry and my breath, that's all. We will have to return to that state, with all our being and