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The Beginning of the End

The old generation look down at the new generation kids with disdain. For them, the newbies are good-for-nothing. They have no responsibility, non punctual, no sense of direction, goalless, shallow minded and above all insensitive. So with this in mind, I was walking to work, when a mother was rushing her two kids, a son, 7 years old and daughter 5 years old. But what made me watch this trio was, the boy was walking bagless, while the daughter was carrying her own burden, who had difficulty in keeping pace with her mother. I really felt anger boiling against the mother, who was carrying the burden of the son. At that moment, I got the shock of my life, when the boy, slowly took the bag of his sister without her asking his help and without the knowledge of his mother. I felt so proud of him, a seven year old showing sensitivity, understanding, whatever. It was a jolting experience. You might want to know, why? I could be put myself in the category of older generation. During our ti

Six feet Soil

Two days back, I met my cousin brother. So he was speaking about his work place. The atmosphere his higher ups create for the lower employees was the highlight. He said, how a new employee was treated when he made a mistake. The gentleman was warned, at that time another superior officer joined hands with this superior, saying, he did the dame before and the other superiors too joined. Its so humiliating to be working under such idiot supervisors. But I do not understand, how educated people could behave like that. I have heard, education refines man. Here I feel, it has refined the human heart and left intact the animal instincts for the rest of the society to tolerate. I have worked in different places and the attitude of the people are different at different circumstances. When they are far from home, out of state or country, people tend to be accommodating, understanding and helpful. No harassment or anything and these people when they come to their home town, they do not chang

Home Alone?

In all religions, to kill is wrong. But I have thought, only a very few would have the courage to kill another person. So why God bothered or let me rephrase it, why religion included this law, into our daily life? But as life took me to wide experiences, the meaning of killing gained great depth. In the movie home alone, there is a part, where the boy says, 'I do not want a family.' Here only the mother hears, she is hurt. If the family had heard it, they would naturally hate the boy, just like we put a killer in jail, out of society. The first part is about the boy asking help, which no one bothers to acknowledge or help. He is also humiliated, which explodes as hatred towards the whole family resulting in killing the whole family in the small heart. I hope you understood what killing really means? Its hatred. Hatred doesn't kill another person, it kills us. If I hate my brother, nothing happens to my brother, the real killing takes place in us. Anger clouds de

Think Twice Before You Act

Today I happened to watch the world premiere of Ashiqui 2, a bollywood movie. Everything was good, the story line, the acting, direction, cinematography. I really was awed by the picturisation of the alcoholic. It was really superb. But in the end, it got broke, it got flopped. According to the thought process of an alcoholic, yes, he might commit suicide, but a movie maker, who, holds many a people's expectation, should have channelized the weakened attitude of the alcoholic to the path of victory . But unfortunately, he didn't. I was disappointed, because its marketing, was done ages before. So there might be lakhs of viewers, who might be an addict of something, which he is unable to break. So the chances of him committing suicide is more. Is it what we should wish of others? Its like escaping, running away from your faults. I believe in the strength of human mind, his will power. I will give an apt example, An Indian dancer, named Sudha Chandran, met with a road

Don't Compromise on Dreams

Could you please explain the best sights of the place? That would be the first question any tourist would ask before he plans to go to any destination. Which includes both you and me. But this question was directed to me. That really was a question, isn't it? Usually we don't bother about the details of our own places. You know, the place I live is a tourist hot spot and I have not seen most of it. But I have visited several places out side our place. I really felt ashamed. Because I am a story weaver, when I say about a place, I try to give the story behind it, that's interesting isn't it? Yes I know because, along with my writing, I also organise tours. Just for a living. That is necessity. Do you know, before getting this job, I was planning to take up a job because my mom was very sick. So I was unable to return to my well paid job. So I set my conditions, of my job and I attended two interviews too. They were willing to have me, but some or he other conditions

Excerpt of Why Should You Love Your Parents

You would get the power only if you prove yourself, in this world. What is there to prove, Rafael? That you can connect the physical you and the spiritual God. But, we won't be able to do it. Why Ajay? Sorry Rafael, don't think, I'm stubborn. Its simply because, we don't even know the basics of getting connected with God other than pray and I have been doing that since I was a baby and until now, God is unseen and unknown to me. Thank you for being frank Ajay, prayer is indeed the first step to reach God, but there is one thing you should know, before you start the journey in connecting your self with God. What is it Rafael? Your actions and thoughts from the very birth, to the last breath of your life would be written clearly in your spiritual body. Do you mean to say that, whatever in my mind, like thoughts, hurts, hatreds, anger, everything would be written in our spirit? Yes children, everything, in the sense, everything, actions, words, drea


Home is not around the hearth. it is within the heart. Home is the one place in all this world where hearts are sure of each other. It is the place of confidence. It is the place of unreserved communications. It is the spot where expressions of tenderness gush out. Do you know why? because the mistress of home is the mother. Honourable judges, respected teachers and my dear friends. Today, I am here to speak about a few words about 'Home is the first school and mother is the best teacher'. My day starts with the loving shake of my mother, until I open my eyes, ensuring, that I wake at the right time, teaching me punctuality. She makes me pray before I step out of my bed, showing me, that there is a greater power to be acknowledged before any venture. she makes me brush my teeth, give me bath and help me into clean dress, so that I never forget that health and hygiene, should be a part of my life. She asks me to be in the dining room and feeds me odd tasting porridg

My School -speech

My School The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson. Honourable judges, respected teachers and my dear friends. Today I'm here before you to speak a few words about 'My School'. My School is Carmel CMI Public Public School. Its a very big school, situated in the backdrop of nature's craggy beauty, where the hills whisper with the misty blue skies. The specialty of my school is, it is divided into two buildings, a kindergarten building and rest of the school building, My school has a creche, a play school, lower kindergarten, upper kindergarted, the lower primary, upper primary and a high school section. It has three big play grounds, where I can play any out door games. It also has a park for the bigger children and a play park with slides, swings, see-saw, merry-go-round, etc. for the ki

Make Things Happen

O. K. Today one of my friends was saying about making her boss get a new computer. She said, it is next to impossible. But I said, its far easier if you don't ask her. It will come to you. But would it be possible? For me, I would say yes, but what about you guys? Well, do you know what I do? Put the exact picture of the computer in my mind and pass that to my boss through my thoughts and make him feel to want the exact item and voila, he gets the image printed in his heart and feels to buy it and the product would be at your disposal within no time. But you will have to practice it. The best way to do it is to start making small small things to happen. See you tomorrow. Until then take care, Bye. Meena

Change Life's Course

Actually, if I think about my life, I find, its a repetition of what I had in my younger life, a pampered life style, where I do not have to get into a bus or have to work hard and the worst part of all is, whatever I need has been provided for me, but unfortunately, not by me, but still my parents. For me, its humiliating. You know why? I earn, but it doesn't serves my purpose. What a waste? Then where does it go? That is the tragedy, to the needy, which is not me, according to my destiny. But can't I change it? Like I am able to use my money? I really do wish, to break this cycle, but how do we get to do it? I really don't know. But I am surely going to try finding it. If you guys have any ideas, be free to voice it. Since all things in nature works in the same way, in cycles, we have no choice, but to accept the fact that we cannot change. But I am not a person, who would like to sit idly and allow my destiny to take its course. I am going to fight this unfairness

In the World Stage, Who are You?

Today I do not know what to write. I feel I have covered almost all topics. But seeing this nature, we know one thing, there are loads of information, still untouched and I am no person to know about it. No wonder, someone told, we are just a child, standing agape at the seashore seeing the vast ocean. If we are literally the child on the seashore, do we have any credibility of our knowledge of the ocean? If ever we have, how much do we have? a pittance, just like a grain of sand. So is it worth being proud of? But, just because we are the child and the ocean is big, do you think, we should be idle and let it be as it is? I don't think so. We should have an attitude to know more. As we gain that attitude, we would know, just like the nature, we too are not shallow. We would never strut, just because we are earning a good salary, just being highly qualified or having, beauty and brains or brawns and brains, whatever. The best quality a mam should possess is humility. What

Meet the President

Today I was thanking God, from the very bottom of my heart, that a drop of tear or two escaped my eyes. For what? That's the miracle, the beauty of life, the beauty of being human. You would feel it, when you stand in my place. If I may be frank, you might even howl your eyes out. That much big a miracle has happened to me. Now the miracle, I had written three books. I love all three, two are published, one is a romantic, " Follow The Heart & Time Your Tide " and the second is for children as well as for elders. The name, " Why Should You Love Your Parents ".The third is a family book, I have not named it. But I would surely do it. But there is one important necessity for every book, beauty, it should blend into the hearts, that work is done by the editor. I am a writer, but not an editor. Since I am not famous as a writer, I did not know whom to ask. So the best option with me was, ask God for the right person. I did. It was ages ago. Since there

The War of Kurukshetra

Sorry, yesterday, I wasn't able to talk much, as sleep was trying to overcome me, I had only one thought, bed. But there is one thing, which I don't understand, why we should sleep? Yeah, I know, good for health, etc..But why should nature create such a state for all its living creation on this Earth? Have you wondered it? Well wonder it now. Actually, in the Bible, I have not seen a literal sleeping of Jesus, well there is, this sleeping in the boat part, but other than that, nothing, saying slept at night. But why is it like that? Is it not very important? Hmm.. actually, we will have to think about it. Sleep, hmmmm. I love it. And I feel, you people too like it, don't you? Do you know why? Because we are dead to the world for some time, that means, we get a chance to forget our sorrows, hurts, losses, whatever bad we are facing will be dead for sometime. But, do you know its not healthy? To cover our problems in sleep? Do you know problems are good for

Be The Right Person at The Right Time

Yesterday, I spoke about changing my destiny. But there is one thing you would like to know, when will the destiny be changed? That is the beautiful part. Have you heard about the right time at the right place with the right person? That is when it happens. I will give an apt example. Years back, while I got enrolled in college. It was in another state, far off from my home. My cousin brother was there with his family. So I asked him to help me get to my college. It was a time, when only land phones existed. So he promised to be in the railway station and I went alone to that destination. I had a two day journey to reach there. Expecting my bother at the station I got off the train, to my utter shock, there was no one waiting for me.I didn't know the place, this was my first visit. I didn't know how to reach their home. But after seven hours travel I reached them, all were shell shocked, except for my brother, who had not yet returned from the railway station. You might

The Child on the Seashore

There is one thing I forgot to say, I was saying about my life's miracles, talents which I loved to have and fears, which was transformed to give me an identity. Which means, all human race have this. Even nature too have it. You are a bit skeptical about nature, right? Well I will explain. One of my friend's father was a pearl diver. I was simply awed by the profession. It was during this time that we had a lesson about oysters. Do you know the specialty of oysters? Its just like you and me, simple living being. And in its system, there is no option of producing pearls like apples and oranges from trees. Then how did it produce pearls? A small grain of sand. You know that oyster has no legs, its just a piece of meet and we see it in water. So while moving, if a small grain of sand enters into its shell, it has no way to take it off, but it is not comfortable with a grain of sand. So it starts producing some hormones and covers the grain of sand and it continues this

I became a singer

O.K. So you might be womdering what miracles happened in my life. Well, don't get too surprised, you can call me a miracle child, oops.. sorry, woman. Do you know that I didn't have a voice to sing. Even now, the voice is same, if I have to sing an octave, I'll have to unseat myself to get that stage, you know, raise from myself up with my sound. No, its no joke. But the sad part is, I love music. I love to sing, anyway I can praise myself, that I do perform well, when in bathroom, that's a commendable achievement, right? Hmmmm. But I didn't want to stop myself there. But where do I start? As far as my resources goes, it starts in the boarding and end in the boarding. So if ever I want to learn a song, who has no talent, then forget the thought. But that is when miracle happened. You know in boardings, everyone are made to sing, whether you liked it or not. Since, I loved it, I gave my best shot. I was selected to sing for the church choir, its shocking, righ

I Became A Singer

O.K. So you might be womdering what miracles happened in my life. Well, don't get too surprised, you can call me a miracle child, oops.. sorry, woman. Do you know that I didn't have a voice to sing. Even now, the voice is same, if I have to sing an octave, I'll have to unseat myself to get that stage, you know, raise from myself up with my sound. No, its no joke. But the sad part is, I love music. I love to sing, anyway I can praise myself, that I do perform well, when in bathroom, that's a commendable achievement, right? Hmmmm. But I didn't want to stop myself there. But where do I start? As far as my resources goes, it starts in the boarding and end in the boarding. So if ever I want to learn a song, who has no talent, then forget the thought. But that is when miracle happened. You know in boardings, everyone are made to sing, whether you liked it or not. Since, I loved it, I gave my best shot. I was selected to sing for the church choir, its shocking, righ

Don’t Insult God

Basically my upbringing was of a spiritual trend than the normal live and jive. Don't think it was purposely done. When a lady is given a convent education, then prayer is a part and parcel of the education, along with all the disciplinary life style. Waking up at 5.30 in the morning and go to church for the mass at 6 was not a very happy ritual then. But rules are always rules, when you are living under their supervision. I have always thought, why prayer. It was so boring. I literally slept through mass, my whole of my growing stage till high school, after that I became seniors, which would not be a good practice. For the outside world, we go to church, pray morning, afternoon, evening. So we should naturally be God's pet. But is it true, that by always praying and going to church or temple or mosque can get you into the good books of God? Well, I can surely say, No. My son, he is averse to long prayers. But his grandma has a long list of prayer, which would natural

To All the Losers, Welcome Aboard

Today, as I was reading a book, I just went through the details of the author. The achievements she had in her life is simply awesome. Seeing her superb credentials, I felt myself smile. I for one has nothing to boast of in terms of academic qualification or professional qualification, but one thing I can say with confidence, wherever I was, whether in school or college or home or at work place, they missed me, which means, to make a difference, we do not need much qualification or big professions. Just use your heart and love what you do. It would be the perfect job, you have ever done. Long time back, when there were not much channels or movies in television, I saw a movie, which really touched me. It was the movie of a heart surgeon. He undertook, the most complicated surgery and never failed. But he never spoke much. But one day a doctor questioned his qualification, which he hadn't any. He was just a cleaner in the military hospital, to tell the truth, he was a slave, who w

The Day I Became Deaf

Four days back I became both deaf and dumb for 12 hours. Actually, the doctor gave me the privilege to be deaf. I do not know, how it happened, but one fine evening my both ears got infected and it was very painful to even touch my ears. Don't ask me how because, this is the first time, I had the opportunity to have an appointment with an ENT. Anyway, the said doctor was very knowledgeable about my disease, he immediately squeezed half a tube of medicine, into my ear and started closing it with gauze tightly and covered it with cotton, the same he did for the other ear too, luckily he had told me before closing the ear, the other procedures to follow after returning home. After packing my ear, I have never seen a mpre silent hospital, the place had thousands of out patients, but it was pin drop silence. I was completely shut down from the world, when I murmur, the sound vibrated inside me. I couldn't hear any noise. It was so good. I didn't have to be alert or bother abou

Why Should You Love Your Parents

Today, I have something to say to you, which is very important to both of us. I have written a book, Why Should You Love Your Parents. I targeted this book for children, because they are innocent. I want their innocence to be intact. We, elders, have grown so stagnant and stale that our hearts and mind have gone brittle, but to those adults who still feel young are most welcome to read this book, which can be downloaded freely, without a single penny, on 12-7-2013 12 am Pacific Standard Time till midnight. If it is Indian time, then it is 12-7-2013 afternoon 12.30 pm till next day afternoon, 12.30pm . But I have a request. I need your feedback, your review and rating. Would you be able to do that, please? This is my first book of this type and I am planning to do it in series. If the children cannot understand it, I'll have to make changes. So please be kind enough to review, criticize or suggest. The link to download at the above time is:-

Abstinence is strength

O. K. So now we are truthful. What next? Hmm,. That's the problem. Its really a tangle of things, which we have to untangle. Well, we will take one at a time. What do you say about cravings? I don't know whether you would believe it, but I am crazy with sweets. I love so much sweets that I could eat a quarter kilo of sweets within fifteen minutes. Even after I grew big, I had this craving. And every one used to scold me for eating so much sweets in a go. This made me think, why should I hear all these scoldings, so I quit eating sweets. When anyone offered sweets, I declined, but you know people, 'Meena don't act smart, we know you love sweets. why do you make so much scene?, etc..etc.. that is the contradiction of life. Don't get too screwed up on this. But you have a bigger goal, for that we surely have to stop this craving. You know, its very easy, the only thing is just be strong enough to have the will power to say no, when the craving raises its head. T

To All The Liars Of The World

Continuing Yesterday's venture , of returning to the womb. We have to take several steps. I will give an example, my own example. It was when I was small. I was a joker, which means, I would crack jokes and make everybody laugh and sometimes, it included lies too. But as I grew older, I do not know, how I outgrew out of it, but I didn't feel anything funny about these jokes. I completely stopped it. But the sad part was, the lies returned to me amd was repaid in the same coin. Since I hadn't done much damage with lie jokes, I had to bear only a few but the consequences of it extended my whole life. I had to live with people who only lied or averse to truth. I was shocked. How did this happen? Then I knew, my destimy was conmected to lies. Either, I totally abstain from lies and reach my destination without casualty or churn around this mess of lies I have already created and go on creatimg more of it. You might think, lies is O.K. But believe me, its better to die than

Return to the Womb

I am really awed by the silence of my readers, when I spoke about breaking he narriers of religion. There is one thing to reiterate all religions have a core ideal and that is love. It is to this we have to reach. That is what our goal is eternal bliss and the means to reach it is through sacrifice. When I write this, the chances of physically sacrificing is what you might think. But it is a big No. I will give an apt example. Usually, the epitome of sacrifice is mother. When she cooks, she looks into all the likes and dislikes of her husband, her children, grand children, etc. So its a happy home. Here she gives away her likes and dislikes for the happiness of her family, that is what I mean sacrifice. Likewise, we too have to saxrifice by returning to our birth state. Do you remember the day you were born? I know you don't, even I too don't but my mother told, I had just the cry and my breath, that's all. We will have to return to that state, with all our being and

Break the Barrier of Religion

Now, imagine we have thrown away anger, we are without anger, no one can make you angry, Hurrah!!!!!! Hip.. hip.. Hurrah! !!! It's cool, isn't it? Hmmmm.,... it is, but we have a long long way to go. We should break the barrier of religion. You might ask why? I am not saying, you should unfollow any religion. I am requesting you to take the good of all religion. Look at the world around, do you eat only traditional food? Have you ever tasted food other than your countries? The Chinese, the Indian, the french, Italian, American, the whole world habe different traditiomal meal, do you think, by eating other country's food, it would be treason. If so, then it's no use reading this blog. Look at the plants, we graft, we bud, we do genetic engineering to the seeds, why? Because we feel, the original seed cannot produce the desired result, so we take the good qualities from other seeds and merge into the one we have, do you know what that means, our seed is good, b

Daily Life Crucifixion

Yesterday, I told not to be angry, right, bit I missed on one thing, don't think you are solely to blame for anger, people are there for sure, but for those people, you should have the courage to forgive. While I am saying this, I was thinking of the trial, persecution and crucifixion of Jesus. Why was He brought to trial and all the atrocities he had to take. Do you know? Or I will ask differently, did he do any wrong to get a death sentence? We all know, he was innocent, when Pontious Pilate washed his hands off innocent blood. Anyway, we are not going into the reason, but we are going into the attitude of Jesus, the disciple Judas betrayal, all the disciples fleeing away from him, when He needed them most, disciple Peter, denying Jesus, all the people, who saw his miracles, who might have been the recepients of his healing touch or some of His miracle too shouted 'crucify him'. How might have Jesus felt, but He didn't utter a word and before death, He asked God t

Control Anger

Hii I just covered three religion because, they have more followers, bit that doesn't mean that the other religions are less prominent. Now, we go the next step. How do we get into the act of finding God. I told it is through Jesus. That is also fine, but, still, there are lots of details, which we have to cover and the first thing is you. Me? Yes you. You have to do lots of pruning to do, which means, clearing all the unwanted things of you. First and foremost, control your urges. Yes, urges, like cravings. The first urge is anger. You know, now a days all are angry. I do not know why? But that one urge should be completely out. Can you do it? I know, its not easy because I have a hard time controlling mine. But do try, it would make a lot of difference. Don't swalow anger, that's not the way to do it. Look at the source of anger in another perspective. Find out, why an act , makes you angry, if you can find its root cause, which is in you, then you are l

What is the speciality of Islam?

Don't think I have left out the religion of Muslims. Do you know the specialty of this religion? It has no idols. Do you know, in christians, the first commandment God gave to Moses is somewhat in that line. Which means, that it is a very important, factor on the facet of findng God. Now the question is, which idol does it signifies, do you know? God didn't mean the idols we make with clay and keep it in chirches or temples. Its the idols we keep it in our heart, that God hates. If I was your lover and if you think of someone else instead of me, be known, you are out of my heart and my life the very next moment. I know it would be the same for you too. Now we have several obsessions, like be coming rich, famous, having a car or whatever, these idols are what we should forefeit, that's what Muslims highlight through their religion, that we all should incorporate in keeping our relatiomship intact with God. I hope you understood what I am meaning. All religioms are

Jesus, the only way to God

Hiiii I know, I have gone a bit weird, when I told that there is a way to reach God. But its true. We have it, the religion of christianity shows it, through Jesus. No I'm not joking, Jesus is the way, truth and light. You might want to know, how, When you read the Bible, there are so many meanings, which is too complicating. But I'm not going into that part. We just need to know the way to God. Its through Jesus. That doesn't mean you will have to die on the cross. No, but you will have to go through the hardships like that of Jesus.I will give an Example Naina is a software engineer, she has family, good job, name, fame, whatever one can dream is all there. She was happy and contented. But one day, one of her software she created to one of the famous companies crashed the whole system, all their entry got lost. She couldn't rectify the problem. She lost her job. Her family ridiculed her. There was no one for her to share her sorrows. She was totally alone.

Why can' We Recreate the Pyramid?

I hope I was able to give some idea about God. And I also ensured that only by uniting theouhh him can you have life energy. Now you might want to know, why do we need life energy. Man has a history of decades of years. Can I ask a question? According to the advancement of technology, which age is livable or tolerable? Paleolithic? Mesolithic? Neolithic? Sorry, I do not the name of this age or is this age? Well the answer would be truly his age, but I differ on that. Look at the egyptian pyramids. When was it built, well, I'm not so sure well nearly, 2500 B. C. Look at ots perfection, even now, with all these technologies, we are not able reproduce it, why. Simple because we have no life energy. Every civilization has some or the other forms of uniqueness, the Romans, the indus or the indians, americans, everyone has so much to boaat of, whoch we canot reproduce, so we are forced to preserve, or conserve it. Its all necause, the people at that time had more life energy,

303 million Gods

I know, its not easy to explain God. If I ask you explain nature, would you be able to do it? You might, but you would not be able to do justice to the real nature, that much multifaceted is our nature, then just imagine, how would we be able to explain its creator. In india, though we have all religions, Hinduism, is the major religion followed. The specialty of this religion is they have more than three hundred million Gods. Shocked, right? You might be thinking, how can that be possible. Well, believe it, its there and I would not negate it too because what they say is true. I'm not joking, eh. The saints and hermits, who follow Hinduism, was in fact, pointing out the different facets of one God. They have Sri Ram, who is a just King, Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, Lord Ganesh, who clears all obstacles, etc...which means, they simplified God for the simple hearted people, but, we on our small thought, misunderstood. So imagine God with more than 303