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I Was A Selfish Person

Today, my friend told me, that she was selfish when she was young. She didn't like sharing. She hated when her mother gave others good food, when it was entitled for her and her six siblings. But as she grew up, she transformed. It was the transformed person, who revived her past. So, what do you think, was she selfish and self centred? I will give you an example. After that you can answer the question. Have you seen babies? If they see anything that attractive, they just take it. They don't ask any permission. If we take it back, it cries, until it is returned. Do you think, the baby is selfish and self centred? You would say, it's baby, it doesn't understand. Exactly!! that's the case with everyone of us, even my friend. In some of our past, we have done, very bad and very shameful things.  Don't judge that thought or action or feeling. Just like when rain soaked your new dress, do you feel angry with the rain? Do you think, the rain did a wrong to you? No. Wh

Why Does Love Vanish After Marriage

 Imagine you got a beautiful diamond studded gold figurine, with one hand missing. And you know it's somewhere in the house. You would search for that missing hand, to make it whole and beautiful. When you get it, you are happy and at peace, then will you look for that hand again? No, because you have already received it.  Likewise, you are a whole being, but as you live your life, you lose some of the energies, like being not loved, poor, darkness, fairness, beauty, ugliness, name, fame, riches, etc.. thus creating a void inside you. Then automatically, you get attracted to the people who have it and when you are with them, you are happy. You would feel a soul connection. By being with that person regularly, the energy from that person, fills your void. Now you are no longer attracted to that person or you would not feel that soul connection. In every person, there are different varieties of void. So, when another person that can fulfill another of your void comes your way, you ge

Let God Take Over

Hey Guys!!! I know, its very difficult to understand the unseen God and His workings. But believe, there is a very big Super Power, who works in the background at all times. Have you wondered how your human body works? Do you have any role in any of its workings except for the basics of eating, drinking, resting and keeping it clean? When you look at the sky, how beautiful everything is placed, have you role in any of it? Look at the nature, how much abundantly its giving us, have you any role in it except for utilizing it to the very maximum? But I say, this super power has the lead role, and that is who He Is - The Almighty God. I would like to say an incident which happened very recently, my friend John wanted to purchase a car but he had no money to give for his downpayment, so he asked his friend for a loan and his friend readily accepted to lend him. So he booked the car and paid a small amount as assurance that he will pay the downpayment when the car arrives, which w


Hey Guys!!!!! Today, I have not done any work set for me. You might think, what I did?  nothing, just wasted my time, that is all. But did I? I do not think so, but if you look in the sense of work, yes, but as a human being, we are entitled to just be idle or just be there for us, for me. I have only myself for me. If I cannot spare my own time for me, then who will? So, here I am watching a very romantic Bollywood movie and smiling like a joker, crying like a crypot and I do not regret it even for a moment. I remember once when for the first time, when my dad taught us to swim, it was like fighting the water with legs and hands and hearts and strength. Once, when I got the feel of it, it was just a matter of enjoying it with caution. Everyone knows life is to be lived, but that doesn't mean always we should live productively, its just letting go off the leash of oneself and get a breather, where you do not have to decide, just let it be.  It is at that time, we open our

Not Faithful? Be Faithful

You know, 90% cases, reported  for marriage break ups is Faithlessness. Like cheating on your spouse, having an affair with another person, etc....etc.... Why does it happen? Well, to know that we will have to check on the basic fact about oneself. It is all connected with the person Me (in your case, its You) What is faith? Its the belief of what one have of oneself, of God or of others. It is usually a positive belief, only good things. And it usually filled within the heart & mind so tightly that there would not be an iota of doubt. Now, when we have a small speck of doubt in our belief, it becomes the truth and we find ourselves facing this doubt, just like looking in a mirror. I will give an example, you have been invited for a big party and you want to look the very best, but, as the days get closer, you get to get tensed, thinking of all the possible mishaps like a small pimple on the face or a car break down or whatever usual fears and lo behold!!! exactly

Spat On the Face

There are some things or instances at some part of our lives which really becomes a turning point to our very existence. Sometimes, it might be a big issue or just a trivial matter. For me, I have had hordes of experience on my very person which has been intrinsically interwoven into my life and its very beautiful too to look at when I sit and evaluate. It really helped me be a better person. But one instance really did hurt me. It didn't happen to me, but an incident triggered my memory of the previous incident. Long time back, may be five years back, it happened in a remote village in Andhra Pradesh. My family and myself decided to buy a plot of land. So, every evening we went around looking at good properties. So once our auto driver came to pick us up for our next destination,he and myself were waiting for others to join. As all were ready and when we started the auto, a widow passed us. Immediately, the auto driver spat and got off the auto. We were surprised by his acti

Law of Attraction

I just happened to read the law of attraction from a site. Please check out. Every living thing has a unique energy signature, a vibration. As humans, our vibration changes by what we focus on. When you look at a beautiful sunset or watch a puppy playing, your vibrations will soften. If you pay attention, you will feel a quality of openness and love. Conversely, if you check in with yourself while watching the 5 o’clock news or a political debate, you’ll probably notice that your vibrations will shift into a state of contraction, actually pulling away from the quality of love. In other words, you will feel negative feelings. Likewise, our vibrations change by the thoughts that we keep our attention on, especially by the thoughts that hold our dominant attention. If your mind is predominantly filled with lack or resistance, you will feel a negative energy pervade your being. On the other hand, if you train yourself to focus on positive thoughts, you will feel yourself aligning wit

Conserve Water

The Importance of Water Our bodies need water to function properly. According to, humans can survive for weeks without food, but for only a few days without water. The plants and animals we eat require water as well, so water crises inevitably become food crises. We also use water for cleaning our bodies and our homes, and for producing power such as in hydroelectric dams. The World Water Council reports that the human population of the planet is on track to grow 40 to 50 percent within the next 50 years, putting additional pressure on our already shrinking supply of fresh water. Why should we conserve water? Reducing our use of water will decrease water pollution, increase energy savings, and create more efficient use of our water resources. 780 million people around the world lack access to clean water causing 3.4 million deaths, many of those being children. Consider the fact that every 21 seconds a child dies from water related diseases. These overwhelming numbers ca

The Pilot Skipper Who Never Knew

Today, I had the opportunity to speak to an Italian pilot who is now retired and now is a skipper of a boat. So I asked him, how come, he took a totally different job from what he was used to. Did he had to study again in order to become a skipper of a boat? He said, "If you have a sense of direction and the techniques of navigation, whether you are at sea or land or air, you can take any vehicles. So whenever I see people, who are connected to ships or boats, I think of Titanic, which got crashed on its maiden voyage. So I asked him, are you a very spiritual person? Do you pray, while you are taking your plane or the boat because, there are people, whose safety lies in your hands. He replied,"I don't know because I do not know there is God. But there are many times, when I am in a very difficult situation, that I join my hands and say, whoever there is on top, please help me from this situation and the miracle happens. But when I see hunger and poverty of my

True To The Word

"True to the word." I like this word attached to me. You know, that is not too easy to achieve. My children say, I do not keep my word. That is sad isn't it? But in my professional and social life, I do keep my word. Then where did I go wrong? Nowhere. No parent can keep up to the expectations of their children. But they will surely be the role model of every child. Do you know why? Simple, the children will go through the same situation with their own children and then they would know, they had acted the same at this age, then it would be flashback time. They remember how the parents coped with this situation. And that is when the parents become role models and at that moment. They would know, why parents could never keep word with the children. Children are new to this world, new to experiences, new to people. So with the little knowledge and experience they have, they decide, they act and that is where the interference of the parents arrive. But what to do? T

The Unfairness Of Life

Today I saw a man waiting to snare a tourist into his net.The place where I stay is a very touristic place and my job too is the same. But I have an added bonus, I can write, what I feel. So I would like to weave a story of snaring - a good snaring, where both the parties get to benefit. Tourism business is one thing, where we have lots of competition. So people go to any extremes to get business. Jeff and Martha arrived at the airport for a week long visit of South India. Since they had referred to the lonely planet as their tour guide, they made sure, they kept their guide handy and took a pre-paid taxi from the airport. They were relieved to know, that they were not cheated or bargained. A very smiling driver came and introduced himself to the guests. "Hello sir, madam, I am Joy, your driver to take you to Fort Kochi." They smiled and shook hands and moved towards his taxi. "How long will it take to reach Fort Kochi from here Joy?" "Sir it takes tw

The Call

Today, it was the day of Mother Teresa, I feel because I happened to hear about her in two different places and the topic was the same. How she set out to help the poor with just Rs. 5/-. I really was awe struck of a lady, who single handedly threw out her safety and followed her call. You know, nuns have a call. Its the dialogue of all Christians, who are called for the church. Now, when this call comes. No one can control it. It so powerful that we just throw away whatever we have. In the New Testament too, there is a part where the disciples are being called by Jesus and they just drop their nets and boats and follow Jesus. This is what happens when the normal people who have the only source of hearing the call in churches, temples or mosques leave all the work and commitments, just to be with the Lord. In India, the parents, grandparents, they take their children, when they are small, along with them for worship. At that time, the children, gets the opportunity to have a walk

The Roundabout

One of my friends lost her family due to certain circumstances which could be termed, thrown out of home. They burnt her certificates and no money to survive. She became literally alone in the streets. I do not know, how she survived, but after several years, I met her and she was a changed person. I was expecting a depressed person, but to the contrary. She was at peace with herself, no hatred or no hurt. When I asked, how she became such a person? She replied to my utter surprise. “I came to this world with nothing but my body and I return with nothing, not even my body. My family helped me understand it and I would be thankful to them. Why should I cry for something, which I don’t own. Why should I run in amassing money? Why should I crave for my own home? God provides me, what I need. He knows me better than I know myself. If I need a home, He will give me. If I need a dress, he would cloth me. If I feel hungry, the food would reach me. The only thing I need to do is, keep my

A Super Bomblastic Prayer

I know its weird but there is another fact which Jesus brought us. It is nothing big. You might have heard about it, The Lord's prayer. You know, the Christians say this prayer a lot - Our Father in Heaven. In that prayer, Jesus is teaching us to ask forgiveness from God for our sins. What does that mean? It means, if we genuinely ask God, our bad destiny could be cleared. Yyyyyiiiiiiiippppppeeeeeeeee. Its simply bomblastic. But we should find the right way. Best of luck guys. See you tomorrow. Until then, take care, Bye. Meena

The Fish Monger's Dilemma

Today I saw the most surprising sight, which really awed me and made me think too. A fishmonger was taking his fish in a cycle. The container was open and the man was cycling fast. But a crow came flying silently and took a fish and flew off and the man was not even aware of it. If he goes on cycling like that for a kilometer, he would become poorer by a kilo. Because crows are far smarter than men. We are like the fish monger. We have loads of talents, we have loads of goodness in us. But we don't even bother to keep it intact by not acknowledging it and cherishing it and in the end, it won't stay with us. It goes off. I have a friend, who has only one aim in life, to become rich. So he doesn't spend on himself or for his family what he earns. He feels, that if he saves that much money, he could be richer by the day. But alas, money is for daily use. If it is not utilized wisely, it goes off unused to others hands. And that is what happens to talents or goodness too.

The Worst Mistake A Parent Can Ever Make

A Parent Should Never Make this Mistake Don't judge your children, according to what others say. It happened once to me, when I was small, not so small, exactly during my adoloscence. At that period, my boarding mistress was my sworn enemy. She didn't have any complaints against me. So when my parents arrived, she told them, I received a love letter (Love affairs are taboo in boarding schools and Indian culture), which was a fib. My mother had her vapours, then and there. Seeing my mom's anger, the boarding mistress was glowing with pride, she was able to even a score against me. But my father, didn't utter a word. He waited for the storm to abate and then he spoke slowly, in front of me. "Sr. I am glad to hear, that my daughter received a love letter, or else, I would feel, she is not a normal girl. So where is the love letter? Can I see it?" That gave her the sweat. She replied, "Oh!! I was not expecting you. So I burnt it." opening up the

The Beauty of Belief

There is a flaw for me, I believe that all human beings are good, even if they hurt me, then too I do not place any blame them. So naturally my friends has classified me as a half crack. Anyway, that is no big deal. But if a pain in the ass person comes face to face and deals with me, then, how do you think I would deal? It happened years back, I was seven years old. I am rarely at home at that time. So unknowingly during one of my holidays, circumstance necessitated me to go to my neighbour's house. I met a man, very smart and good looking, I spoke to him for sometime and returned. That night, I heard shouting and yelling in the middle of the night. It was from this man's house. So I asked my cousin, why so much commotion in that house and her reply just froze me to death. She whispered, even in your dreams Meena, don't you dare go near that house. The man hasn't an iota of sanity. He sometimes get so violent that he attacks, anyone and everyone, who he doesn

Have Faith

I have always believed that what we believe is what we get and that too exactly the same no less or no more. I work in a place, where nature is given more prominence, cats eat rats or snake eats rats, or crows scavenge or whatever. All animals are there, roaming about freely. So yesterday, a wrestling competition was taking place from the ceiling of my office. I thought it might be the rat and the snake. But I was not very sure. Anyway I didn't feel scared, though it was happening exactly overhead and the ceiling was made of bamboo mat. But my colleague was scared to death, she was saying, Meena, just move off from there or else, the rat or the snake might fall on you. Anyway I didn't budge, but my friend moved away and exactly at that moment, the rat fell down exactly where she had sat. At that moment, I knew, why the rat fell, because, my friend believed that it will fall on her. So now you understood, why I am saying this. I would like to suggest, if you want something to