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Who Would Be Your Right Partner

Now we know, one facet of man, which signifies the half man, half woman idol of Lord Siva. Now, why is it necessary to be like this. Include both halves into one? You guys are lucky, that I am not the creator. Better ask why. I would not even have  thought of a gender to begin with. O. K. Just joking, we can never create the perfection we see around even in a million years. Now this half man half woman depicts two opposite characters. Yes, you thoight right, like magnets, North and South poles. I have always thought, when we are planning to marry a person, we look at the compatability of the other person, how much similarities, both the partners have, and the maximum, the better. But in the system of nature, I think, the more the incompatibility, the stronger the bond, what do you guys think? Its not my theory, eh. I'm just voicing, what I see. I too am confused with this idea, but still, that is the truth. We better analyze before someone makes any further mistakes in se