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Resignation Letter

Hey Guys!!!! We all at one time or other need to move out from a rut. But this rut was once a saving grace for us. So we should be grateful for it. But to part ways in a friendly manner is not very easy. So I have put up a very friendly resignation letter. If ever a need arise to resign, you can surely use my resignation letter. From Name of the Employee Designation Name of the Firm Address. To Name of the Employer Designation Name of the Firm Address. Sub :- Resignation Letter Dear Sir I regret to inform you that I would like to tender my resignation as (designation) effective from (date). I hereby give 1 month notice of my intention to leave the firm. I made this decision, not because I’m unhappy with the opportunities you have presented, I have received a bigger opportunity which would alleviate my financial situation. It’s been a great pleasure working with you. Kindly relieve me from my post and please issue me a job relievi

Spat On the Face

There are some things or instances at some part of our lives which really becomes a turning point to our very existence. Sometimes, it might be a big issue or just a trivial matter. For me, I have had hordes of experience on my very person which has been intrinsically interwoven into my life and its very beautiful too to look at when I sit and evaluate. It really helped me be a better person. But one instance really did hurt me. It didn't happen to me, but an incident triggered my memory of the previous incident. Long time back, may be five years back, it happened in a remote village in Andhra Pradesh. My family and myself decided to buy a plot of land. So, every evening we went around looking at good properties. So once our auto driver came to pick us up for our next destination,he and myself were waiting for others to join. As all were ready and when we started the auto, a widow passed us. Immediately, the auto driver spat and got off the auto. We were surprised by his acti

Doubting Tom

Once upon a time a young man named Sadiq and a young girl named Haseena got married, they were new to the business of marriage. Both were innocent to worldly vices. They shared their wows and woes. One day, another boy named Ansar came to this village and saw this girl, immediately, he wanted to have her. He checked her background and came to know that she was married. That didn't stop him from wanting her. He dreamed of her as his girl and started plans to make her his. So he befriended Sadiq and became inseparable. One day, when Sadiq was away, Ansar came to Haseena's place and requested to use the toilet. Haseena without any fear allowed him to use the toilet. Haseena went to the kitchen to prepare food for Sadiq. At that time, Sadiq arrived to find Ansar coming out from the toilet and Haseena, nowhere in sight. This, made Sadiq angry, he started doubting Haseena. He made her life a living hell and slowly, the innocence which was there when the family life began started fad