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Diagnoze your Priorities

Today I remembered a man, who was in terrible stomach pain. It was years back. I  had come for holodays to my cousin's home in the mountains. The speciality of this place was, it was so silent that we could hear our own breath. So this wailing sound was so clear, that it really gave me creeps. I really was frightened to go out thinking, the hhost of the man would come and attack me, any time. That much piercing was his wailing. I didn't stay there long, so I didn't know the outcome, anyway luck was on my side, he didn't die on me. Years later, I met these cousins and asked about this man, they said, he was fit as a fiddle. But I do not understand, what was really his ailment. But one thing is sure, he mihht have diagnosed correctly and treated properly relieving from his pain. In life too, we have this problem. We take the wrong decision because we think, it is right and wail the whole life. So take your time, in diagnozing your decision and act accordingly, or els