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Happily Ever After Series - When Someone Shouts At You Angrily

When someone shouts at you angrily, the first question you ask yourself is, "What did I do wrong? " Your answer, "For correcting my mistake? But I didn't do any wrong." Your mind continues, "She hates me." And then you behave accordingly. How? By shouting back? or........ Forgive them? What is reality? Why do some people get angry for no reason or for small reasons? Because your action or your person triggered their bad memory. It's not your fault or their fault, it just came out from their emotional baggage unconsciously. When you know that they did it unconsciously, what will you do? You will forgive them and forget the incident, right? But if you don't forgive what will happen? Welcome aboard, you have created a memory for yourself and you will behave exactly like the person who shouted at you, but doubly strong than what they did to you. Do you want it? I hope not. If you don't clear this incident by forgiving them immediately, then it

Happily Ever After Series -The Best Competition

 Hi Guys!!! What happens when you overtake other's best? You become the best. For how long? Until someone overtakes you? You might say, it's life. When you step on all the peaks of this world, you feel elated for some time but after that, you have no more peaks to climb. Then what? Sweet memories and no more energy to live. Life is not a target to be fulfilled. When you reach the target, then what? The next target. And when you reach the top, then what? Sweet memories and a boring life to live. When you close your eyes, who is there with you? You answer might be "No one". But it's not true. There is one person, who is always there with you. and that is your Inner You or your Inner Self.  Look within you. There is a perfect and more powerful "you" waiting to be set free. If you can find that real "You", then no power will be able to stop you.  It's a lifelong process and every moment of it is more adventurous and exciting making you love you