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What is Cancer? Cancer is not a single disease. It is a group of diseases, all of which display the common feature of cells showing uncontrolled growth. Cancer may affect people at all ages, children and adults but the risk increases with age. The cells of all animal bodies follow a predictable pattern, where old cells become defunct, and eventually die, with new cells taking their place. The essential difference is the time it takes for cells to wear out and die, and this varies between cell types. Almost every cell dies and is replaced, except certain specialized cells like brain cells. When this process goes out of the normal synchrony, cells multiply out of control with a resultant malignant process. The end result is a mass of cells, called a tumor. The Causes of Cancer Cancer rates for various types of cancer are on the rise, and environmental/lifestyle factors are increasingly being pinpointed as the culprits, such as: • Pesticide- and other chemical exposures • Pha