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Why do we have Death?

Hey Guys!!!! Sorry, I did not write yesterday as a mark of respect to my neighbour aunty of 86 yrs who passed away yesterday early morning. Bringing me to the thought of death. Death is one situation we are not comfortable with. But death is one truth we will have to face in our life regularly. Then the question arise. Why is it we have death? A :- Because we have birth? How are we born? A :- Well, that's complicated. But I know one thing, Physical Life happens from nothing. If physical life happens from physical nothing, there is a time frame for each life and after that time frame, its important to return back to where it has come - to nothing. What is physical? A :- The things which can be defined with our five senses. Now why should it return back to where it has come? A :- I can give you several example, look at the working of the day and night, after night (physical nothing), the day comes and then the night follows. Its in circles, its a continuing proce