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Save Your Best Wish

Last day, my son celebrated his birthday. Usually, its not a grand affair, a small family gathering. As my son was in the throes of teenage and I a lady couldn't decide, what gift I have to give. I wrecked my brain, but couldn't decide at last, I thought of giving a watch, but their tastes can be funky, or what? I couldn't decide and as usual with a mother's instinct, I selected from a maze of companies. To be frank, I hadn't an idea of the in thing of fashion. But still, I thought I'd take the risk. And forgot to gift wrap. Thinking I would do it at home, I took, the packet and shoved into the cupboard clandestinely. But fate was not with me, there was no gift wrapper at home and not a chance to buy one. So I left it to paper wrap later. Then as usual after church, we gathered together around his b'day cake and lighted a candle, then I whispered to him, wish before you blow. He whispered back, 'Mom, do you believe in all these rubbish?' Though